Top 10 Colloidal Silver Uses

Colloidal Silver UsesThere is plethora of mixed information about colloidal silver uses and side effects on the internet. Some people believe that colloid silver can be very beneficial to health and others report colloid silver side effects such as the condition Argyria (blue/ gray appearance of skin, eyes and nails).

All do agree that colloid silver dosage should be carefully monitored to avoid unpleasant side effects that do result from over dose of silver, in which case, it becomes toxic.

Here are the top 10 colloidal silver uses :

1. Urinary tract infections reduction – Colloid silver is shown to have anti-bacterial properties in several studies and has successfully inhibited the bacterial growth.

2. Wound healing – Encourages healthy cell production, speedy tissue repair and growth.

3. Anti-aging – Although the mechanism of colloidal silver uses to promote health is not fully understood, it is theorized that colloid silver possess electric stimulation (activation of nerves and muscles to restore their proper function) properties.

4. Anti-Cancer – Despite of the fact that no clinical evidence exists that supports the anti-cancer properties of colloid silver, some theorize that a mixture of colloid silver and clay can reduce skin cancer of bacterial origin.

5. Immune system boost – Colloid silver benefits the body by boosting its immunity and increasing its ability to fight diseases.

6. Improve sore throat – Many report reduction in swelling and pain from sorethroat in 15 minutes after taking colloid silver solution orally.

7. Eye infection – A couple of drops a day in the infected eye can reduce the inflammation.

8. Reduce Cellulitis – Reduction in this bacterial skin condition can be one of the colloidal silver uses.

9. Respiratory problems – Cayenne pepper and colloid silver solution can help relieve lung infection.

10. As a skin cleanser – Some solutions of hydrogen peroxide and colloid silver can act as disinfects and can be used as cleansers and conditioners.

There are many products available in the market today that contain little to no good quality colloid silver. For this reason, many opt for making their own silver solutions using a colloid silver generator.