Top 10 Dandelion Tea Benefits

Dandelion Tea BenefitsNext time you decide to eradicate dandelion herb in your yard, read our article that provides Top 10 dandelion tea benefits. Perhaps knowing benefits of dandelion tea will make you respect this plant more that most of us consider a nuisance rather than a helper

Dandelion tea benefits are drawn from a whole plant including its roots. Dandelion leaves are best natural diuretic while the root is an excellent blood purifier.

1. Dandelion leaf tea is one of world’s best natural diuretic helping body shed excessive water weight and flush your kidneys of toxins. Dandelion tea diuretic is safe to use for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

2. Weight loss is among other benefits that this mighty herb can provide. Dandelion tea weight loss secret is focused on gently stimulating bile production that facilitates improved digestion and ridding body of toxins. Additional dandelion tea diuretic abilities contribute to healthy weight loss.

3. Dandelion tea benefits gout conditions that are caused by accumulation of high levels or uric acid. Dandelion tea can potentially decrease uric acid build up resulting in less pain and discomfort.

4. Roasted and minced dandelion root could become a great alternative to coffee.

5. Dandelion tea made specifically with ground up roots is incredibly effective in fighting major infections like pneumonia, bronchitis and even boils on the skin.

6. Anemia is another condition dandelion tea benefits due to high density of vitamins, minerals and iron elements.

7. Acne could be helped by regularly drinking dandelion herb tea, it will help cleanse your liver and remove skin impurities.

8. Hypertension could be alleviated by picking roots and leaves of dandelion plant and making tea that will contain an important compound mannitol that is successfully used for treating high blood pressure symptoms.

9. Drinking dandelion tea benefits vision by supplying body with essential A and B vitamins necessary for good eye sight and night vision.

10. Diabetic patients or people suffering from elevated counts of blood sugar can find relief by drinking dandelion tea. Natural compounds found in dandelion plant have been proven to normalize levels of blood sugars.

Dandelion tea side effects might include gastric discomfort, allergies if taken for prolonged periods of time. People with gallbladder and pancreas problems should exercise caution while taking dandelion tea since it stimulates bile production and might cause severe problems should there be any obstructions.