Top 10 Dangers of Hyper Thyroid Symptoms

Hyper Thyroid SymptomsHyperthyroidism is caused by overactive thyroid producing extremely high levels of hormones. Hyper thyroid symptoms put body’s metabolism in a high gear affecting virtually all systems in the body.

Let’s take a look at top 10 dangers the hyperthyroidism can bring along:

1. Irregular heart beat or heart palpitations is one of the most dangerous hyper thyroid symptoms putting a person at risk for developing serious heart complications.

2. Most people affected by hyper thyroid symptoms experience insomnia and inability to relax at the end of the day.

3. Depression compounded with daily stress causes high cortisol levels accumulation that can exacerbate hyper thyroid symptoms.

4. Panic attacks could be caused due to constant state of alertness, racing heart and sense of being in the overdrive mode.

5. Eye sight deterioration is very often witnessed in patient with overactive thyroid leading to a very specific eye stare and inability to close eyes. Chronic pressure in the eye socket tissues causes eye dryness, irritation and double vision.

6. Weight loss is another very typical side effect of the increased thyroid hormone production that does not seem to be amended even with increased appetite.

7. Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms could occur due to frequent bowel movements and increased muscle tone of the intestines.

8. Impaired nutritional absorption is a direct result of faster than normal digestion, in addition, high levels of thyroid hormone deplete body of important vitamins and minerals. Diet for hyperthyroidism that focuses on fresh fruits and vegetables can supply body with necessary elements that body is lacking. Cruciferous vegetables are also shown to suppress thyroid function.

9. Hyper thyroid symptoms could trigger female hormone imbalance associated with Irregular menstrual periods.

10. Muscle weakness and low bone density are also unfortunate symptoms of your overactive thyroid.

Radioactive iodine therapy has been proven effective to treat some patients affected by hyper thyroid symptoms. Thyroid cells get damaged or killed after radioactive iodine therapy. The most common side effect of such treatment is underactive thyroid symptoms that appear in response to diminished activity of a patient’s thyroid gland. In some cases of uncontrolled hyperthyroidism, a thyroid removal might be recommended to stop hyper thyroid symptoms from coming back.

Talking to your doctor will help you gain understanding and help on how to deal with your hyper thyroid symptoms.