Top 10 Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes

Dark Circles Under Eyes CausesDark circles under eyes can have various causes; this article will explain the most common culprits for this unpleasant condition that worries both women and men equally.

1. Genetic predisposition tops the list of dark circles under eyes causes and affects people regardless of their lifestyle, diet or sleep habits. Using corrective cosmetics is the best way of getting rid of dark circles under eyes for this group of people.

2. Sun damage plays an important role in dark circles under eyes causes which can be lightened by some skin resurfacing procedures at your dermatologist’s office.

3. Dark circles under eyes causes in individuals of Asian and African American ethnic descents are in pigment irregularities that can tint skin surrounding eyes in especially dark color.

4. Allergies, atopic dermatitis and rosacea can make you rub your itchy eyes more than necessary causing repetitive damage and stretching of the delicate skin lining the surface around the eyes.

5. Chinese medicine attributes many dark circles under eyes causes to the imbalance of your kidney’s yin and yang powers affecting all major organs in your body. An experienced Chinese medicine practitioner or acupuncturist can provide you with information and treatment for this condition.

6. Fatigue, sleep deprivation and daily stress undoubtedly produce characteristic dark shadows under your eyes. You can try a lot of home remedies for dark circles under eyes for a quick fix in the morning like applying cucumber slices or grated raw potatoes to the area under the eyes.

7. As we age, skin loses its elasticity due to the decrease of collagen and moisture in the skin making dark circles under eyes more prominent. Some people resort to non surgical eye bag removal that implements laser techniques to reduce puffiness and erase dark circles under eyes. For extreme cases of sagging eyelids, bags under eyes surgery is recommended to make you appear younger and well-rested.

8. Some medications cause the dilation of facial blood vessels making dark circles under eyes more obvious under the delicate under eye skin.

9. Acute respiratory conditions like colds or sinus infections can make your dark circles under eyes appear more prominent due to the inflammation pressure on the blood vessels underneath the skin.

10. Try making your diet as healthy as possible by eating a variety of green leafy vegetables, whole grains and reduce the consumption of caffeine and sodium. Diets high in sodium can store excessive liquids in the body making our face and areas under the eyes appear puffier.