Top 10 Dental Implants Los Angeles Dentists

Dental Implants Los AngelesReputation, skill and bedside manner are much a few of the most crucial elements that should be considered before you go to a dental implants Los Angeles center. In Los Angeles, California, you can find medical professionals specializing in everything from liposuction to podiatry seemingly on every corner. Refer to this list of the best oral surgeons in LA so that you can have a beautiful smile that is guaranteed to garner you plenty of compliments.

1. Dr. Peter Moy – Operating out of the West Coast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center, Dr. Moy has been performing cosmetic dental procedures since the early 1980s. His main specialty is dental implant surgery, but patients can also many other services.

2. Dr. Vladimir Polyakov – With an office in West Los Angeles, Dr. Polyakov is a great source for affordable dental implants. There are dozens of rave reviews that speak praises of this dental implants Los Angeles center.

3. Dr. Authur Kezian – Accepting a wide variety of dental implant insurance providers, Dr Kezian offers almost every cosmetic dental procedure currently available to consumers.

4. Dr. Daryl Cranon – This skilled Los Angeles dentist has a practice that is suitable for children and adults. Choose this dental implants Los Angeles dentist and all of your concerns will be promptly addressed.

5. Dr. Ellis Wong – Specializing in both periodontal dentistry and general cosmetic dentistry service, Dr. Wong is both patient and experienced.

6. Dr. Lisa Kederian – You will need to make an appointment with Dr. Kederian if you want to go to this dental implant Los Angeles center, but past patients have nothing but good things to say about their experiences.

7. Dr. Jay Khorsandi – If you are looking for a certified dentist that runs a swanky practice, Dr. Jay offers the best of both worlds.

8. Dr Parimal Nagjee – You may end up paying a little more for your cosmetic dental procedure if you go to Dr. Nagjee, but his work is world renowned.

9. Dr. Mark Page – This dentist has a practice in the quiet residential neighborhood of Glendale.

10. Sid Solomon – Dr. Solomon’s practice is named Calm Dentistry. On top of performing cosmetic dentistry, he specializes in sleep apnea.