Top 10 Dental Implants NYC Locations

Dental Implants NYCOpinions may be subjective, but the 10 top rated dental implants NYC surgeons are obvious because they have the highest success rates and the best education. The competition is fierce in the Big Apple, and only the best oral surgeons attract big business. Here is the list of the best dental implants locations and doctors in NYC, specializing in dental implants.

1. Mid Manhattan Oral Surgery – With an office in Midtown Manhattan, this location gets high marks from both dentists and patients alike. Make an appointment to discuss different types of dental implants and arrange for an obligation free consultation.

2. Central Park Oral Surgery – This dental implants New York location is conveniently located near public transportation as well as historic Central Park.

3. Oral Maxillofacial and Cosmetic Surgery of New York – If you want the best dental implants NYC surgeons at your disposal, visit the offices of Oral Maxillofacial and Cosmetic Surgery of New York.

4. Willoughby Dental – This Brooklyn dental implant surgery center caters to clients of all ages and accepts most major insurance providers. Several top rated oral surgeons are based out of this practice.

5. Metropolitan Oral Surgery Associates – This is another great choice for people looking for an oral surgeon in Midtown. Dr. Steven Rubin, Dr. Richard Gray, Dr. Enrique Lenchewski and other noted dental surgeons regularly perform dental implant procedures at Metropolitan Oral Surgery Associates.

6. Manhattan NY Oral Maxillofacial Surgery – Rated one of the best dental implants NYC centers, Dr. David Hirsch has the skills and the tools necessary to successfully complete even the most complex dental procedures.

7. Park Slope Oral Surgery Associates – If you are based in Brooklyn, you may want to visit the Park Slop Oral Surgery Associates office for expert opinions on dental implant procedures.

8. Park 56 Dental Group – From seasoned dental implants NYC surgeons to a state of the medical facility, Park 56 Dental Group has it all.

9. Preferred Dental Care – Located in Queens, Preferred Dental Care is among the best oral surgery centers in NYC.

10. Friendly Dental Care – This is another Brooklyn based dental office that employs highly trained dental surgeons.