Top 10 Diuretic Foods List

Diuretic Foods ListThis diuretic foods list will help prevent water retention, but still give you access to a varied and healthy diet. The top natural diuretic supplement brands all contain natural ingredients, but there are also foods that work as diuretics. You may not shed much water weight by eating a diet that is high in diuretic foods, but your bloating will be gone.

1. Celery. This somewhat stringy snack is full of fiber and nutrients, but it has few calories. Eating a serving of celery each day might help with diuretic weight loss.

2. Watermelon. Believe it or not, but this juicy fruit will cause your body to eliminate more liquid than it puts in. Enjoy a mouth-watering slice of watermelon when you want to get extra fluid out.

3. Asparagus. This vegetable is known for giving urine a distinctive smell and color, but it can also help you produce more of it. Lightly blanched asparagus makes for a healthy meal and the best natural diuretic.

4. Coffee. Highly caffeinated beverages like coffee and even tea will increase the number of visits that you take to the bathroom each day while also giving your body a temporary energy boost. This is an herbal diuretic that you should consume in moderation.

5. Parsley. This natural herb is mainly used to garnish signature dishes, but it also contains diuretic qualities. Out of all of the entries on this diuretic foods list, parsley is the lightest and most versatile choice.

6. Cabbage. You will see a lot of natural fruits and vegetables on this diuretic foods list, but that is because the most effective diuretics actually contain a good portion of water. It may seem contrary to logic, but adding more liquid to your diet will actually help you to flush out more.

7. Whole grains and oats. If you have ever eaten a sandwich made with whole grains and rolled oats, you know how good these foods are at zapping extra fluids. Not only do oats and grains act as diuretics, they also can increase your need to drink water.

8. Tomatoes. You may not find a lot of acidic foods on these diuretic foods lists, but tomatoes have qualities that help to balance the body. If your body is too alkaline, acid diuretic foods like tomatoes can help excrete your body’s excess fluids.

9. Onions. This vegetable doesn’t just make your cry, it also increases your urge to go to the bathroom. Although onions can be a little pungent, adding a small amount to your daily meal plan will make water retention a thing of the past.

10. Eggplants. Purple in color and firm in texture, eggplants naturally make you expel more liquid. You may not be able to eat a meal made with eggplants each day, but it can still do a lot of good in moderation.