Top 10 Easy Workout Routines for Women

Easy Workout Routines for WomenLadies, how many times we set our goals to lose weight? Yeah, every year we set New Years resolutions to get that stuff done, and yes, we start going to gyms, start exercising like crazy and then…next year we start all over again. Sounds frustrating? It does. Why don’t you try some mild, easy workout routines that we will like to do and easier to stick to rather than heavy load of the gym.

Here is the top 10 easy workout routines for women:

1. Jumping rope

One of the easy workout routines for both men and women is jumping rope. This routine gives your entire body a complete workout, while staying easy and fun to do.

2. Swimming

Swimming is a simple workout routine that has big results. Your workout seems easy in the water, but it can be intense and give fantastic results for every part of your body without any impact or strain.

3. Dancing

Easy workout routines include dancing. This activity is very enjoyable, while requiring a lot of energy and muscle stamina. Dance the night away and you will not even realize you are working out.

4. Bike Riding

If boosting metabolism is what you are aiming for try riding a bike. In addition to giving your legs and lower body a great workout you will burn more calories and lose weight. You do not have to buy an expensive bike, one from Wal-Mart would be just right to start.

5. Lift Small Weights

Well, I said earlier lifting weights is boring, however, some easy workout routines include lifting small weights for strength training, without causing too much muscle mass to occur. You can do this at home with free weights, or even improvise with filled gallon jugs or other suitable replacements.

6. Use a Balance Board

A balance board provides an exhausting workout just by exercising while keeping your balance. With this equipment your core muscles will tighten up and get stronger in a short time.

7. Cross Country Skiing

One of the top workout routines for women is cross country skiing, but that does not mean you have to hit the slopes. Simulation machines can give you the same effect right in your home. This workout tones your entire body and gets your heart going at the same time.

8. Treadmill

Taking 10,000 steps a day will get you in shape and cause weight loss if you are overweight. A treadmill is a great way to get your required number of steps no matter what the weather is like outside.

9. Inline Skating

Easy workout routines should not feel like work, and this is where inline skating comes in. This activity requires lower body strength and agility, and provides an excellent workout routine while you enjoy yourself.

10. Sit-ups

Sit-ups are considered one of the easy workout routines. This exercise strengthens your core, and can be done anywhere, with no special equipment needed. Start slow, and build up to the desired number each day.