Top 10 Erectile Dysfunction Supplements

Erectile Dysfunction SupplementsAre you afraid of all of the power that the little blue pill wields and looking for more natural erectile dysfunction remedies that won’t leave you with an erection lasting hours longer than you did? You might consider erectile dysfunction supplements instead. There are many erectile dysfunction remedies from nature that can add a little pack to your penis without ever enduring side effects. Remember, supplements are not monitored by the FDA, and from nature or not, you’ll want to discuss any supplement you intend to take with your doctor before you take it. It could interfere with medications that you are on, or health conditions that you currently have. Erectile dysfunction supplements are not conclusively proven effective, but many users have reported boner benefits by using these top 10 supplements!

1. Get it up with Ginkgo: This muscle relaxer can help blood get where it needs to go, and users of antidepressants find that it counteracts their medicine’s effects of a pouty penis. Gingko biloba benefits don’t stop at the waist either, as this supplement has many body benefits.

2. Zing it with Zinc: Low levels of zinc have shown to be potential penis depuffers, and making sure that you take a supplement to keep your levels in check can counteract your bedroom blunders.

3. Tap that A** with Ashwagandha: No studies have proven this hard to pronounce “Indian Ginseng’s” usefulness as erectile dysfunction supplements, however it’s thought to increase stamina and provide energy. Be careful though, it’s thought to have sedative like properties, meaning you could end up napping before the main event.

4. Lift the Love stick with L-Arginine: This amino acid has shown promise in men with low nitric oxide to increase blood flow amongst other things. L-Arginine erectile dysfunction studies in men without low levels of nitric oxide and when administered in lower doses however showed no improvement.

5. Prop it up with Propionyl: Propionyl –L- Carnitine has shown promise for erectile dysfunction supplements both on its own and when combined with traditional ED medications.

6. Fake Out before you make out: Siberian ginseng benefits have been thought to include treating ED just like other members of the ginseng family. Truth is, it’s not Ginseng at all, it’s a woody shrub. Don’t write off this imposter however, because it’s been known to have similar benefits to its true cousins.

7. Extra-Horny Goat Weed: Horny goat weed has been a mainstay of erectile dysfunction supplements in china for years, although its effectiveness has not been proven. Be aware of side effects like blood thinning as well.

8. Fool around with folic acid: It’s not just for the ladies. Combining this essential nutrient with erectile dysfunction supplements has little side effects, although hasn’t been necessarily proven as effective.

9. Do it with DHEA: Unfortunate side effects will steer many away from this natural sex hormone building block, however it has proven useful in men with low testosterone.

10. Firm like bark with Yohimbe: This bark from an African tree actually comes in prescription form; however, it comes with unfortunate side effects such as increased heartbeat and anxiety, and therefore is not commonly used.