Top 10 Eucalyptus Benefits

Eucalyptus BenefitsIf you have ever used a menthol based chest rub to help clear up a cold, you already know one of the many eucalyptus benefits. The eucalyptus tree yields leaves that are rich in a potent oil that is used to make cough drops, essential oil, hair products and even prescription drugs. This is a list of the 10 most recognizable eucalyptus benefits that users can expect.

1. Cough suppressant – Eucalyptus oil is an ingredient commonly found in over the counter cold and flu medications. Eucalyptus suppresses cough and soothes the throat.

2. Mucus reduction – This plant is also great for eliminating excess mucus. Whether you have phlegm in your throat or dripping sinuses, eucalyptus benefits all users seeking relief from mucus.

3. Headache – You can dab a little oil of eucalyptus on your temples or drink eucalyptus tea to help eliminate a throbbing headache. Within minutes a soothing, calm effect will become apparent.

4. Pain relief – Both topically and orally, eucalyptus oil benefits pain sufferers. Rub it on your skin for instant relief.

5. Wards off insects – In addition to making you feel and smell good, eucalyptus will keep the bugs at bay. Add it to your overnight bag so that you can have it handy for your next outdoor excursion.

6. Pimples – One of the eucalyptus side effects that is actually beneficial to users is the fact that it helps to clear up acne. The oil in eucalyptus will keep your skin hydrated while working to kill bacteria.

7. Fever reduction – The easiest way to break a fever is to take a medicine that contains eucalyptus. This plant is often used in medications for children because it is both reliable and safe.

8. Infection – Eucalyptus has anti-bacterial qualities, which makes it very effective at stopping infections.

9. Nausea – You only need a small amount of eucalyptus in your system to bring an abrupt stop to nausea. Eucalyptus benefits the digestive tract and has a calming effect on the stomach.

10. Joint pain, arthritis and inflammation – Tense muscles, tight joints and inflammation are alleviated with the usage of eucalyptus. Try a eucalyptus based balm the next time that you have trouble with inflammation.