Top 10 Evening Primrose Oil Benefits

Evening Primrose Oil BenefitsEvening primrose oil benefits encompass enhancing of multiply bodily functions, improving a vast number of conditions and diseases. Organic evening primrose oil is considered one of the top herbal products with unsurpassed preventive and restorative properties.

Evening primrose oil benefits that this article will dwell on are derived with a few active compounds found mostly in the seeds of the flower, namely, gamma linolenic acid, prostaglandins and other essential fatty acids that help maintain the functions of all major organs and systems in our body.

1. Induction of Labor at Childbirth

This herbal product’s most controversial benefit has to do with natural induction of labor. Midwives throughout many centuries have implemented evening primrose oil to induce labor at the end stages of pregnancies or in pregnancies that were well past their due dates. Active substances prostaglandins in evening primrose oil are known to promote uterine contractions and prepare cervix for labor.

2. Helps Male or Female Infertility

Evening primrose oil for fertility serves a dual purpose of enhancing both male’s and female’s chances to conceive. In males, essential fatty acids found in evening primrose oil maintain healthy quality and count of sperm and increase penile blood flow. In females, evening primrose oil benefits cervical fluid and makes it more hospitable for sperm to survive and travel upward to the cervix area increasing your chances to conceive.

3. Hair Loss Solutions

Evening primrose oil and hair loss treatment could be most effective if taken orally and applied topically onto the scalp area daily. Essential fatty acids are building blocks for new hair growth. Massaging evening primrose oil benefits hair follicles by enhancing blood flow to the scalp area.

4. Skin Conditions and Acne Treatment

Evening primrose oil benefits skin making it well-nourished, elastic and regulating excessive sebum production. In addition, evening primrose oil can fight inflammation associated with rosacea and eczema.

5. Regulation of Female Hormone Imbalance

Evening primrose benefits are indispensible for every woman’s needs and help restore hormonal balance and regulate PMS symptoms, unhealthy food cravings, symptoms associated with fibrocystic breasts and endometriosis.

6. Prevents Nerve Damage in Diabetes Patients

Neuropathy that is so often seen in diabetic patients could be prevented and even reversed in some cases by active gamma linolenic acid in evening primrose oil. It means that individuals with diabetes will experiences less of retina damage, less of tingling and loss of sensation in the limbs.

7. Evening Primrose Oil Benefits Joints

Patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and experiencing painful, inflamed joints could benefits from regularly taking evening primrose oil supplements that is proven to reduce debilitating joint degeneration.

8. Benefits for Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Patients undergoing alcohol withdrawal therapy can minimize unpleasant side effects associated with the treatment like headaches, tremors, depression, mood swings by taking evening primrose oil.

9. Combats Memory Loss

Age or disease-related memory loss could be greatly improved by active compounds in evening primrose oil that help boost nerve signal transmittal.

10. Controls Damage from Multiple Sclerosis

Evening primrose oil benefits repairing nerves damaged due to debilitating condition like MS. If taken over an extended period of time, it can help establish healthy nerve formation.

Please take a note of possible evening primrose oil side effects if you are taking anticoagulant, antidepressants or anti-seizure medications. Talk to your physician before initiating any herbal treatment.