Top 10 Faster Hair Growth Products

Faster Hair GrowthQuite naturally, people who suffer from thinning hair look for products that cause faster hair growth. While there are a number of hair growth products, they really can’t lead to faster hair growth by very much. Every day the average person loses 50 to 100 hairs. As these fall out, they are replaced with new growth. On average, hair grows half an inch per month. Some growth products can encourage growth of new hairs and help the ones that do grow become stronger and healthier.

If your goal is faster hair growth you will want to pay attention to your overall health and address the cause of hair loss.

1. Fish oil

2. Oil of evening primrose

3. Black currant oil

4. Vitamin A

5. Vitamin D

6. Vitamin E

7. Biotin supplements. Biotin for hair growth can be taken orally.

8. Biotin shampoos and conditioners. Your scalp and hair can absorb this nutrient when applied topically.

9. Horsetail extract for hair growth.

10. Egg yolk conditioning treatment is one of the most affordable home remedies for hair growth.

If you are not seeing more or faster hair growth you may want to look more deeply into the cause of your hair loss. Certain medications can result in hair loss. Hormone imbalances (thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, etc.) may be the cause. Poor nutrition is often a contributing factor in hair loss. Pay attention to the amount of hair products you use such as coloring, hairspray, mousse, permanent waves and how much heat your hair endures during styling. Vitamin deficiencies can be determined through a simple blood test or hair analysis. Your doctor can check for autoimmune conditions like lupus or alopecia. And you may not know it, but stress is a major cause of hair loss. As you address underlying medical conditions, your hair should begin to come back.