Top 10 Fibromyalgia Symptoms List

Fibromyalgia SymptomsFirst thought to be a sign of hysteria, fibromyalgia is a disease that cases sudden and unexplainable pain. Although most every fibromyalgia symptoms list includes pain at the very top, this is not always the most common indicator. Here are 10 of the most obvious signs of fibromyalgia, based on modern medical research.

1. Fatigue – When most people feel fatigued, they start to evaluate their eating and sleeping habits. With fibromyalgia, you may feel tired even when you are well rested, for no apparent reason.

2. Muscle stiffness and twitching – If you have ever had a muscle spasm, you are already familiar with this entry on the fibromyalgia symptoms list. Muscle twinges, contractions, twitching and stiffness are a strong sign that you may have fibromyalgia.

3. Disorientation and confusion – Although the causes of fibromyalgia are still not completely known, this symptom may indicate that you may soon come down with other related illnesses. Getting lost while traveling in familiar areas and loss of coordination are also common before fibromyalgia diagnosis.

4. Increased sensitivity to light and sound – These signs don’t show up on every fibromyalgia symptoms list, mainly because not all doctors agree that these are definitive signs of fibromyalgia. In addition to post nasal drip and other symptoms usually related to allergies, you may have other trouble with your eyes, nose and throat.

5. Pain – Although pain and discomfort are some of the most widely known fibromyalgia symptoms, they do not appear in all patients. Fibromyalgia pain relief usually comes from medication, but you can also elect for electro shock therapy and other experimental treatment methods.

6. Trouble sleeping – If you have been tossing and turning throughout the night, you may not necessarily have fibromyalgia. However, if you have experienced disrupted sleep along with two or more other signs from the fibromyalgia symptoms list, a doctor’s visit is in order.

7. Trouble maintaining weight – People that have been able to easily maintain their ideal body weights can become alarmed when they suddenly start to gain or lose pounds. Fibromyalgia may also make you want to start eating foods that are carbohydrate rich for no apparent reason.

8. Impotence and infertility – If you have been trying to conceive for an extended period of time, fibromyalgia may be the cause of your infertility.

9. Excessive sweating – For those who are not accustomed to sweating profusely, this symptom of fibromyalgia can be extremely irritating.

10. Digestive pain and related issues – Irritable bowel syndrome, pelvic inflammation and overactive bladder are several more signs that you are developing fibromyalgia.