Top 10 Fish Oil Health Benefits

Fish Oil Health BenefitsAfter finding out what the most beneficial fish oil health benefits are, you may want to start taking this supplement daily. Here are the top 10 benefits of taking this supplement.

1. Improved heart health – Both the elderly and young adults need to take advantage of fish oil benefits when it comes to keeping their hearts healthy.

2. Osteoporosis prevention – Calcium is needed to keep your bones strong, but fish oil supplements seem to stop people from losing bone mass as they age.

3. Inflammation and arthritis – Fish oil health benefits include inflammation reduction, and possibly even treatment for arthritis.

4. Excess fat loss – Although regularly taking the daily recommended fish oil dosage will actually add more calories and fat to your diet, this supplement will also help to improve metabolism. When your body has access to the nutrients it needs, it naturally performs more efficiently.

5. Lowers cholesterol – Consuming healthy fats such as fish oil helps to regulate cholesterol. Simply put, one of the biggest fish oil benefits is that it lowers bad triglyceride levels.

6. Kidney disease – Although there seems to be some confusion as to all of the benefits to flaxseed oil vs fish oil use in kidney disease patients, this supplement can help people with all forms of kidney disease and damage.

7. ADD – Children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders have actually been shown to improve with regular fish oil use. Although there may not be enough fish oil health benefits in order to completely cure ADD and ADHD, some afflicted users of fish oil may be able to reduce their prescription medicine dosages.

8. PMS and menstrual cramps – During the menstrual cycle, many women experience pain, cramping, bloating and other unpleasant side effects. There are many fish oil health benefits that suggest relief from menstrual pain is also included.

9. Lowers high blood pressure – High blood pressure can be caused by many different things, but it seems that fish oil can treat this disorder, no matter the cause. There are not any negative fish oil side effects that make this supplement dangerous for high blood pressure patients.

10. Cancer prevention – More specifically, cancers of the endometrial variety occur at a lower rate in people who intake healthy amounts of fish oil.