Top 10 Foods High in Niacin – Vitamin B3!

Foods High in NiacinIf you don’t know where to look, getting foods high in niacin into your diet can be challenging. However, if you follow food recommendations from the FDA you should have no trouble at all. Below are the 10 most niacin rich foods in existence.

1. Milk, cheese and eggs – As long as you aren’t lactose intolerant you probably don’t need to add any foods high in niacin to your existing dietary regime.

2. Beans – Eating black, pinto, red and other types of beans are all great ways to get the health benefits of niacin.

3. Fish and shellfish – All varieties of fish qualify as foods high in niacin. However, you should try to eat seafood that has been baked or broiled instead of fried.

4. Wheat bran – You can give your body an awesome niacin flush by choosing wheat bran and similar foods. Wheat bran is also helpful for keeping cholesterol levels low, and will keep your bowels moving normally.

5. Poultry – Poultry, particularly lean chicken breast has a large amount of vitamin b3. If you intend on using niacin for lowering cholesterol, lean poultry should be your first choice.

6. Peanuts – As long as you are not severely allergic to peanuts, you can eat as many of these nuts as you want and get an increased intake in vitamin b3.

7. Grains and cereals – If you enjoy breakfast cereals made with whole grains, you are already consuming one of the better foods high in niacin. In addition, your digestive system will benefit from all of the extra fiber and nutrients.

8. Beef – Steak and roast beef may taste good, but they also have an added bonus. You can get more niacin from a small serving of beef than you can from most other foods.

9. Turkey – Turkey is usually reserved for holiday meals, but it can also be eaten for an extra boost in vitamin b3.

10. Organ meats – Not all people enjoy consuming liver, but it is very rich in niacin. Consider adding more organ meats to your diet if you believe that you have become vitamin b3 deficient.