Top 10 Foods in A Diet for Constipation in Children

Diet for ConstipationWhen your child is constipated, the first thing you should do is try to find out if there is a medical reason for the condition. Constipation is a symptom not the disease. You may want to look for a diet for constipation. If you have recently changed your child’s diet, this may be the cause for their constipation.

The most important diet for constipation is to be sure there is plenty of fiber incorporated into the diet. You will want foods that are high in fiber and whole grains. In a diet for constipation there are many vegetables that are high in fiber.

There can be many causes for constipation in children. Some of these causes are a poor diet, lack of physical activity, medication and dehydration and the lack of fruit and vegetables high in fiber. You will want to look first at the diet for constipation. If your child lives on mostly junk food, chances are, this is their reason for the constipation.

Below are the top ten foods for the diet for constipation:

1. Bran cereals

2. Yogurt or naturally fermented kefir.

3. Whole grain breads

4. Peas

5. Broccoli

6. Spinach

7. Beans

8. Apples

9. Plums

10. Prunes

Keep in mind, when you have a constipated toddler, you may have to get a little creative when instituting this diet for constipation. Your best bet will probably be fruit and fruit juices. Most toddlers love these and will eat them without any problem. It’s important to be sure that your child or toddler is properly hydrated. This will go a long way to keeping your child healthy.

If you are looking for a good diet for constipation for yourself or your child, look for high fiber recipes. You can find these in many cookbooks or online. While these may not completely cure constipation, they may help to keep you regular.