Top 10 Foods Low in Cholesterol and Sodium

Foods Low in CholesterolMany foods low in cholesterol are also low in sodium. Since many medical professionals believe high sodium contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease, it makes sense that a cholesterol lowering diet plan should contain foods low in sodium too.

While some people only look for cholesterol free foods to as a means to treat their condition, the truth is your body still needs a certain amount of cholesterol for proper function. Foods low in cholesterol should also be included to provide balance to your diet.

The top 10 foods low in cholesterol and sodium are listed below:

1. Grains and whole wheat should be consumed daily. Foods like pasta and rice are both great to use in cholesterol lowering recipes because they contain less than 10 milligrams of sodium and are loaded with protein and fiber.

2. Beans of all types have approximately four milligrams of sodium per cup. They can be blended into dips and sauces or served alone over a bed of rice.

3. Meats like turkey, chicken and even lamb are naturally low in sodium and recommended as cholesterol lowering foods because they are high in protein can be prepared very easily. Their natural flavors are delicious.

4. Fish like salmon and bluefish are good examples of the types of seafood you should select. They are also high in Omega 3 fatty acids which are extremely beneficial.

5. Fruit is naturally low in sodium and most have less than seven milligrams per cup. Only raisins and cantaloupe are somewhat higher in sodium.

6. Most vegetables are on the list of foods low in cholesterol because when consumed in their natural state, they provide a wealth of nutrition. The majority have less than five milligrams of sodium. A few, like celery, beets and carrots have over 50 milligrams of sodium so if you have concerns, eat them in smaller portions until your cholesterol levels stabilize.

7. Some fat free dairy products are low in sodium and cholesterol. Some are even cholesterol free. Above all else, look for low saturated fat content. If you must drink milk, select skim milk, not whole milk. Or better yet, switch to coconut or almond milk.

8. Olive oil and canola oil are the two best choices to accompany a low cholesterol diet.

9. Balsamic vinegar and red wine vinegar are both low in sodium and have no fat. Use them to marinate your proteins before cooking.

10. Unsalted seeds and nuts are great to snack on and cook with. They can be toasted and tossed into a salad or eaten raw.

You now have a list of the top foods that contain the least amount of cholesterol and sodium. Take this information and start making changes in your life.

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