Top 10 Foods That Bloat Your Stomach

Foods That Bloat Your StomachIf you have discovered that you are experiencing excessive gas and bloating on a regular basis, you may need to start looking into your diet. Certain foods that bloat your stomach are more than likely the culprit behind your discomfort.

Stomach bloating after eating is one of the main reasons people seek medical attention, especially if the situation occurs frequently. Luckily, most physicians have lots of bloating remedies for you to research. They may prescribe an over-the-counter stomach gas relief medication that contains simethicone, a proven anti-gas drug.

They may also work out a new diet consisting of foods that are low in gas and easy to digest. Regardless of your treatment, you will definitely be given a list of foods that bloat your stomach so you should try your best to avoid them or limit your consumption.

The top 10 foods that bloat your stomach are listed below:

1. Sugar-free foods – Most foods that are made using artificial sweeteners contain large amounts of sugar alcohol, the result is bloating.

2. High-sodium foods – Processed foods like cold cuts, hot dogs and microwave dinners are extremely high in sodium but low in fiber.

3. Gassy foods – Everyone is familiar with these types of foods, they include cabbage, cauliflower, beans and onions.

4. Carbohydrate in excess – While carbohydrates are essential for proper organ function, eating them in excess can cause additional water absorption, which leads to bloating.

5. Uncooked vegetables – When measuring raw vs. cooked vegetables, the serving sizes are the same. If you cook one cup of carrots, it is the equivalent as one cup of raw carrots. However, when digestion begins, the cooked carrots require less room within the gastrointestinal tract.

6. Fried foods – It takes your body more time to break down and digest fried foods, this causes bloating until the food is passed into the intestines.

7. Chewing gum – When you chew gum, you allow extra air to accumulate into your stomach, causing gas and bloating.

8. Drinks that are carbonated – This includes all types of sodas and alcoholic beverages. Carbonated drinks contain additional air and when consumed, cause bloating and gas.

9. Drinks with high acid contents – Fruit juice, coffee and non-herbal teas can cause irritation in your GI tract which leads to poor digestion and bloating.

10. Spicy foods – Dishes that are overly spicy and prepared with hot and acidic ingredients can irritate the stomach because they often release acid.

So there you have it, the top 10 foods that bloat your stomach. You can take this list and begin the steps to living a better life. Start slow and record your progress, once you become accustomed to your new diet, you should see the occurrences will become more and more infrequent. Before you know it, you will be on the road to a healthy digestive system, free from gas and bloating.

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