Top 10 Foods That Cause Migraines

Foods That Cause MigrainesMigraines are not wholly misunderstood with respect to what brings them on and what their underlying root cause is. For people who suffer with this chronic condition, finding the environmental causes of migraine headaches can reduce instances and severity of painful headaches. Triggers like foods and stress are commonly found, but can be more easily managed than other environmental triggers that you might have less control over. Below are the Top 10 Foods that Cause Migraines:

1. Alcohol. Alcohol causes headaches in people that don’t have migraines, why would it spare you? By increasing blood flow to your brain, painful symptoms can result. Specific types of alcohol like red wine, whiskey, beer or champagne are more likely to cause migraines symptoms.

2. Caffeine. An issue for those of us that need that little push in the morning, caffeine can bring on headache pressure whether from coffee, chocolate or tea to say nothing of soft drinks.

3. Artificial sweeteners: Not happy with good old cane sugar due to its waist widening effects? Well, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners like it have been identified as a possibility on the causes of migraine headaches list.

4. Cultured Dairy: A shocking entry on the foods that cause migraines top 10, cultured dairy products like yogurt and sour cream, touted as a staple of good heath and process regulation can, in some sufferers, trigger this condition.

5. Dried Fruits: Seriously? Now our trail mix is a target, too? Dried fruits, for whatever reason, seem to be a potential migraine trigger, landing it at number five on our foods that cause migraines list.

6. Fresh Fruit: This is just ridiculous. No dried fruit, no fresh fruit, what is next? Canned? Fresh fruit has been suggested to be one of the foods that cause migraines by frequent headache sufferers. And logically, they should know right?

7. Nuts and Seeds: well, nuts used to be the perfect snack but now studies suggest they may trigger migraines.

8. Pizza: Noticing migraines in children? Could it be the pizza’s fault? There is no question that pizza will never be a wholesome dietary staple, but besides adding to the waistline, there is some evidence to suggest it may be causing cranium chaos as well.

9. Cold foods: Headaches and migraines can be triggered in some people by cold food. Almost all migraine sufferers report having encountered migraines resulting from eating ice cream or anything else that is cold.

10. Food additives: It’s so vague, yet so specific. Food additives and preservatives can trigger headaches and migraines and do so frequently because so much of our food is processed. Nitrates for instance can cause painful condition because they dilate the blood vessels.

Migraines are triggered by many things, and sensitivity to environmental factors that you may not even know about. There is no special migraines headaches diet, you will need to see what causes your specific symptoms. Even though you may worry about the effects that eating certain foods will have on you, skipping meals or fasting can have the same effect, causing just as painful of headaches. If you have chronic pain condition, it is important to speak with your doctor about treatment plans that will work for you, and reduce as many environmental triggers as you can, even if it means skipping the delicious ice cream cone.