Top 10 Foods That Stain Teeth

Foods That Stain TeethNobody wants stained teeth. The unsightly appearance makes is so you don’t want to open your mouth to talk, much less smile. Tooth discoloration had many causes. The use of certain antibiotics in childhood can result in discoloration of adult teeth. Genetics also play a role in tooth color. Dental procedures like root canals can result in changes in tooth color. Teeth that have changed color is one of several tooth decay symptoms. One of the leading causes of staining is the food we eat.

Here are the top 10 foods that stain teeth:

1. Wine. Both red and white wines contribute can stain teeth Research has shown that if a person drinks white wine and then drinks tea, they are more likely to develop stains.

2. Tea. Believe it or not, when it comes to staining teeth, tea is worse than coffee.

3. Coffee

4. Cola. A double whammy of acid which weakens tooth enamel and a food rich in chromogens, cola is a significant in the list of foods that stain teeth.

5. Sports drinks weaken enamel making teeth more susceptible to stains.

6. Berries are rich in antioxidants and also rich in chromogens and making them one of the foods that stain teeth.

7. Sauces. Soy sauce, tomato sauce and curries are among the foods that stain teeth.

8. Popsicles and slushies. If they turn your tongue a funny color there is good chance that they can cause teeth to change color adding these treats to the foods that stain teeth.

9. Acidic foods of all kinds weaken tooth enamel and open the door to tooth stains.

10. Beets. If you have ever handled beets, gotten beat juice on your hands or counter, you know how strongly beats can stain.

In order to remove coffee stains from teeth and other stains as well, you could try over the counter whitening treatments which take a period of time or you can choose laser teeth whitening in the dentist’s office.