Top 10 Foods to Avoid with High Cholesterol When You Eat Out

Foods to Avoid with High CholesterolIf you frequent eating out or ordering in it might be helpful for you to know foods to avoid with high cholesterol to sabotage your health on the restaurant menu. You can still enjoy your favorite cuisine but making healthful choices and planning ahead will make lowering cholesterol naturally a breeze for you.

Knowing that there’s a variety of good cholesterol foods offered at your local restaurants like extra-virgin olive oil, avocados, wild-caught fish, walnuts, almonds and vegetables will allow you to satisfy your palate and keep your cholesterol levels in check.

Let’s review some of the worst foods to avoid with high cholesterol while eating out:

1. Anything deep-fried, especially in a batter, or anything that says “crispy” is loaded with trans fats and are the worst foods for you that you need to stay away from. Ask a restaurant if they can broil, bake or grill your protein or vegetable of choice.

2. Dressings and sauces should also be on your foods to avoid with high cholesterol list as they contain high amounts of fats and should be used sparingly. Request your sauce on the side, so you can control how much to consume.

3. If you are an avid fast food connoisseur, unfortunately these restaurants are notorious for serving the worst foods for your heart. It’s good to know that an increasing number of such food joints are starting to introduce healthier choices like salads, grilled sandwiches, baked potato and pure water.

4. Try avoiding sugary sodas and fruit juices of any kind at the restaurant that can absolutely spike your insulin levels and contribute to your bad cholesterol causes.

5. If you love seafood restaurants, rest assured that fish, sea food, shell fish and prawns are extremely good for you; the only factor you should consider is weather your restaurant is getting its seafood from a reputable source not polluted with mercury. Some people shy away from prawns due to their high cholesterol flesh, but prawns cholesterol does not raise our own blood cholesterol levels and could be enjoyed at any time.

6. Another group of foods to avoid with high cholesterol is simple starches like white bread, pasta, white rice, waffles, biscuits, rolls and bakery items as these sometimes are loaded with trans fat shortening and will raise your bad cholesterol levels.

7. Skip margarine or butter with your bread and opt for a healthier olive oil dipping sauce to avoid raising your cholesterol levels.

8. Avoid anything portioned super-sized, jumbo or king-size or take half of it home for later.

9. Smoked and cured meat dishes including most deli meats are absolutely loaded with bad fats and lots of sodium and should be avoided.

10. Restaurants’ desserts are one of the worst foods to avoid with high cholesterol laden with sugar and saturated fat, opt for fresh fruit instead.