Top 10 Gluten Free Diet Benefits

Gluten Free Diet BenefitsWhether you suffer from gluten intolerance symptoms or are just interested in booting gluten from your daily diet for your own personal reasons, there are a lot of potential health benefits to consider. Because of a recent interest in the subject, you’ll likely find all sorts of modified gluten free products that will add more variety to your diet and make everything from combating wheat allergy symptoms to full blown celiac disease much more tolerable. However, there are some additional gluten free diet benefits that you might not have considered. We’ve compiled a list of them for you to ponder before deciding whether or not this diet is right for you. So, before you ditch the sliced bread and Boston Cream Pie, check out this list of the top 10 gluten free diet benefits!

1. Potential weight loss: There is no specifically direct link between a gluten free diet weight loss plan and actually shedding the pounds.
However, if you had a questionable diet before switching to a sans gluten lifestyle, the elimination of certain sweets and fats can certainly contribute to substantial weight loss.

2. Less tired from less sugar: Sugar might give you energy, but, it’s very temporary. The energy highs and lows experienced by people with a mega sweet tooth are not as evident in the gluten free crowd. An abstinence from refined sweets keeps their energy levels in check for the most part.

3. No Processed Foods: One of the most well received gluten free diet benefits is the elimination of overly refined and processed foods. Many of the additives used in food manufacture are eliminated based on their gluten content and so natural and whole foods prevail much more often.

4. Germ and Virus Avoidance: Since a much larger part of the daily intake in the gluten free crowd is healthy fruits and veggies, their intake of antioxidants can be given a big time boost. Gluten free diet benefits include adding an abundance of these anti-radical defenders which can help prevent cell damage along with immunity boosting.

5. Heart disease risk reduced: Because unhealthy oils and other non-body-friendly ingestibles can wreak havoc on your cardiovascular system, some purported gluten free diet benefits include healthier levels of cholesterol and other heart hazards.

6. Reduction in deficiencies: Adding in plenty more fruits and vegetables to your diet can do wonders for a body that is deficient in essential vitamins and nutrients.

7. Digestive Issues: One of the hallmark signs of people with celiac disease or sensitivity to gluten is digestive trouble. For people who truly have physical symptoms, gluten free diet benefits can include a reduction in unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms.

8. Mental and Neurological Problems: Oddly enough, another common complain amongst people who cannot tolerate gluten is “brain fog” and other mental and neurological symptoms. Sticking to a diet that eliminates gluten can help reduce the occurrence of these.

9. Headaches and Migraines: A decline in the amount a frequency of headaches and migraines has been reported as symptom relief in people who are sensitive to gluten. While the reduction in headaches may not exist in people without intolerance, it’s a well received relief for those that do.

10. Exploring Culinary Horizons: Since most people tend to get a little creative with gluten free diet recipes, and that can translate into trying a lot of different things that you might not normally try. Restrictive diets can make meal time boring, but a gluten free diet can be fun and exciting by combining the right ingredients.