Top 10 Goldenseal Benefits

Goldenseal BenefitsIf you look into goldenseal benefits, you will find that goldenseal, meaning yellow root, has a history of use dating back to the Native Americans. Goldenseal naturally grows wild in certain parts of North America but its population is dwindling to an endangered level due to overharvesting. For that reason the goldenseal plant is now commercially produced all across the United States, largely in the Blue Ridge mountain region. If you are interested in adding goldenseal to your health routine, take note of these top ten goldenseal benefits:

1. Native Americans used goldenseal for skin conditions like rash, acne, and bacterial and fungal irritations.

2. Skin rashes and acne show positive improvement with the use of goldenseal.

3. A combination of Echinacea and goldenseal is an oft-used remedy for the flu and the common cold.

4. Goldenseal can be used for a number of respiratory complaints, such as bronchitis, stuffy nose, sinus congestion, and hay fever.

5. Studies show that goldenseal benefits those with diabetes, as it appears to lower blood sugar level and increase insulin production.

6. Bleeding problems such as excessive bleeding during menstruation, internal bleeding and external bleeding can all be effectively treated with goldenseal.

7. Goldenseal is a natural treatment for yeast infections.

8. There are several goldenseal uses associated with fungal infections like athlete’s foot.

9. Goldenseal can be used to treat mouth ulcers and canker sores, as well as other irritations in the mucous membrane of the mouth.

10. Goldenseal contains berberine, an antimicrobial-like agent useful for treating diarrhea.

Goldenseal side effects are rare and mild. Additionally, goldenseal comes in a variety of forms, for easy ingestion, and can be found in teas, extracts, capsules and tablets. If you are interested in the many goldenseal benefits, ask your doctor if goldenseal is right for you.