Top 10 Goldenseal Uses in Herbal Medicine

Goldenseal UsesGoldenseal plant has long been recognized for its superior antimicrobial abilities mostly attributed to its alkaloid compounds found in the plant, namely, hydrastine and berberine. Both of the alkaloids in the goldenseal plant have additional antifungal, anticancer and immunity boosting properties.

Let’s take a look at top 10 goldenseal uses in herbal medicine today:

1. Skin infections respond beautifully to goldenseal plant applications. Goldenseal benefits fighting infection in hard to heal wounds, cuts, cancer sores, hemorrhoids, even ring worm and fungal foot infection.

2. Immunity boosting effect is one among many of goldenseal uses. Echinacea and goldenseal combinations are ideal for boosting immunity and fighting persistent, recurring ear and sinus infections.

3. Goldenseal is sometimes mistakenly taken at the first signs of cold or flu. Goldenseal uses can greater benefit secondary infections that might come after an especially bad cold or flu, namely otitis media, sinus infection, bronchitis and else. These infections are usually triggered by excessive mucus production, congestion in warm and moist environment of the upper respiratory organs.

4. Patients with acute infectious diarrhea and food poisoning found great relief in taking goldenseal supplements due to high antimicrobial potential this plant possess.

5. Constipation relief is another one of many goldenseal uses due to the herb’s superb ability to stimulate digestive process and promote waste elimination.

6. Genitourinary infections respond especially well to goldenseal treatment and were proven to put an end to annoying and recurring urinary tract, vaginal and bladder infections.

7. Eye infections could be greatly relieved from goldenseal tea rinses. Next time you develop a pink eye, do not hesitate to put this mighty herb to work for you.

8. Malaria is not so common in the US, but it’s widely spread in countries with tropical climate. Amazing anti parasitic abilities of goldenseal alkaloid called berberine has been proven to effectively kill malaria parasites much better than commonly used antibiotic tetracycline.

9. Cancer and goldenseal plant connection is being under close watch of many scientists across the country. According to preliminary studies goldenseal uses can benefit patients diagnosed with cancer at the beginning stages.

10. Superior nutritional value of the goldenseal plant makes it a great overall supplement for your health. Goldenseal contains calcium, iron, vitamins A, B and C.

While taking into consideration goldenseal uses, one must make a note about possible goldenseal side effects. Pregnant or lactating women should avoid goldenseal uses due to possible adverse reactions. If taken at large quantities for a time period of more than a week, you might experience nausea, vomiting, inflammation of mucous membranes and mouth irritations.