Top 10 Gourmet Foods that Increase Metabolism

Foods that Increase MetabolismHiya, folks who love gourmet foods and still want to stay fit and healthy! What we come up with is the list of top 10 gourmet foods that increase metabolism just for you. But anyone else can try them, too. We guarantee you’ll love them:

1. Truffle Mushrooms
One of the gourmet foods that increase metabolism is truffles. These mushrooms are rare and exotic, and are packed full of protein and amino acids that help build muscle and boost metabolism.

2. Caviar
Caviar can fit in a high protein low carb diet, and boost your calorie burning process at the same time. This food is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and includes protein, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids for your metabolism support.

3. Pecorino Cheese
Pecorino cheese is a cheese made from the milk of sheep. It is included in foods that increase metabolism because this cheese is high in protein and other nutrients that your metabolism needs for optimum function.

4. Lox
Lox is salmon that has been cured and then cold smoked, so it is not heated up or cooked. This gourmet food is high in protein and amino acids, as well as the healthy omega oils. Low in fat and calories yet high in nutrition, Lox is a great metabolic booster.

5. Octopus
Foods that increase metabolism include octopus, although this gourmet fare is not usually seen on the American dinner table. Octopus has very little fat, but a lot of calcium, iron, protein, and other nutrients that are needed to boost your metabolism.

6. Escargot
Escargot is a gourmet food that is snails perfectly prepared. Snails are high in protein and other nutrients while being low in fat, and this component can be sprinkled with herbs to increase metabolism even more.

7. Fois Gras
Fois Gras and pates are foods that increase metabolism because they are made from liver. This food is high in nutrients like iron, protein, and others, but it also has a moderate amount of fat, both the good and bad kinds. Used as an occasional treat this gourmet fare can provide nutritional support and increase your metabolism.

8. Buffalo Milk Cheese
Cheeses are foods that speed up your metabolism, and buffalo milk cheeses are very nutritious. This variety has a lot of protein and calcium, which combine to really boost fat and calorie burning.

9. Calamari
Calamari can help you boost your metabolism and lose weight, especially when combined with easy workout routines on a regular basis. Calamari has no carbs, and is very high in protein and other nutrients.

10. Gjetost
Gjetost is a gourmet Scandinavian cheese which combines milk from both cows and goats, and has a caramel flavor that is exquisite. Foods that increase metabolism include Gjetost because this cheese is high in a wide variety of nutrients that assist your body in using energy and burning calories, as well as eliminating stored fat.

Bon appetit!