Top 10 Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits1. Boost Immune System- One of the biggest green tea benefits is the immune boosting properties that this beverage has. The tea allows the natural immunities of the body to work more effectively, promoting better health.

2. Fight Inflammation- Less inflammation is another one of the top benefits of drinking green tea. Inflammation from injuries, disease, and chronic medical conditions can be minimized with regular use of green tea.

3. Prevent Cancer- Green tea has shown cancer fighting properties in some research studies. The compounds in this tea helps the body fight off cancer better, and may prevent this disease from occurring in the first place.

4. Rich in Antioxidants- One of the top 10 green tea benefits is the amount of antioxidants provided in every serving.

5. Metabolism Booster- Research has shown that green tea benefits weight loss efforts. Many of the compounds found in this tea help to boost the metabolism, so that fat and calories are burned off faster and with less effort.

6. Flavonoids- The matcha green tea benefits include the many flavonoids that this beverage includes. These phytochemicals are associated with optimal health, and can lower the risks of certain diseases.

7. Heart Health- Heart health is another of the green tea benefits. Some studies have shown that this food protects the heart by preventing plaque from forming in the veins and arteries.

8. Healthy Skin- The green tea skin benefits are numerous. The many nutrients and beneficial compounds provided help promote younger and healthier skin. Antioxidants remove free radicals which can cause skin damage and aging.

9. Antiviral Properties-The green tea benefits include the fact that this substance offers anti viral properties, and can minimize or prevent a cold or other viral infection.

10. Better Oral Health- A green tea diet also offers oral health benefits. Daily use of green tea will help eliminate oral bacterial infections, and help prevent bad breath.