Top 10 Health Benefits of Sage

Health Benefits of SageWhile the health benefits of sage are not widely known to the average consumer, this herb has been used for many years as an alternative medicine. From Alzheimer’s to salmonella, chronic illnesses of all kinds can be alleviated with this outstanding health supplement.

1. Treatment for diabetes – Although you shouldn’t go without taking your insulin, sage herb supplements have been shown to help to manage this illness. Combined with a healthy diet, sage has also been shown to totally eliminate the need for insulin injections, in some cases.

2. Internal cleansing – Many supplements are touted for their ability to eliminate toxins from the human body. Sage herb supplements can cleanse the bloodstream, clear up blood clots and improve the entire circulatory system.

3. Dental health – Along with numerous other benefits, sage has also been shown to reverse gum disease. You may not way to rely on this home remedy if you have an advanced stage of gum disease. However, you can drink sage tea or eat the fresh herb before you get a thorough evaluation from your dentist.

4. Lower blood pressure – There are many different types of medications for people with high blood pressure, but the health benefits of sage may give you a reason to throw your pills in the trash.

5. Uterine health – Women who experience intense cramping and excessive menstruation during their monthly cycles have use sage for years. Simply by applying some sage oil to the abdomen, you can receive instant relief.

6. Anti bacterial – If you have a skin infection or are attempting to rid your body of bacteria, sage can help. Sage is often listed as an ingredient in home sore throat remedies because of its anti-bacterial qualities.

7. Hair and scalp health – Suffering from excess dandruff? If your regular shampoo isn’t keeping your hair and scalp free of oil and dandruff, give sage a try.

8. Hot flashes – Relief of hot flashes and night sweats comes with the use of sage. Compared to hormone therapy, these sage benefits are very welcome to menopausal women who are not keen on taking supplementary hormones.

9. Digestive health – Some health benefits of sage also include relief from bloating and flatulence. A strong cup of tea made from the leaves of sage is all that it takes to get rid of an upset stomach.

10. Postpartum benefits – One of the lesser known health benefits of sage is the fact that it can be used to dry up the milk supply of nursing women. If you child has been fully weaned but you are still producing milk, you can use sage to put a stop to leakage.