Top 10 Health Benefits of Zinc

health benefits of zincWhile most people know that they need zinc, few actually know why, or what this amazing mineral is responsible for in and on your body. Most well known for its variant use in paints and metal alloys, the health benefits of zinc as a natural ingestible or topical product are numerous.

Found in many foods such as oysters and red meat, zinc is actually fairly to come by, however, if you aren’t getting enough in your diet, zinc supplements can be found over the counter along with combination products containing compounds like zinc magnesium that will help you ensure that you are getting enough. If you still aren’t convinced about the health benefits of zinc, then you need to check out this top 10 list of all of the nourishing ways that zinc interacts with your body.

1. Taste and Smell: Do you enjoy your senses of taste and smell? Well, most people do, and zinc plays an important role in ensuring that these two critical sensory functions are working in tip top shape. In fact, in cases of zinc deficiency, one of the most common symptoms is a reduction in the aforementioned senses, and even in eyesight and memory as well.

2. Immune Function: Warding off nasties is something that our bodies are very good at, however one of the health benefits of zinc is keeping our immune system working at maximum capacity.

3. Wound Healing: An interesting, yet observable feature of zinc benefits is its contribution to the healing of wounds. Bodies that contain adequate levels of the essential mineral will find that healing of various types of wounds is less in duration than those who might have an under abundance of zinc.

4. Cold Symptoms: There is no cure for the common cold; however studies have shown that a zinc supplement might be able to offer a little bit of relief from this common malady. By reducing the duration of the cold and also some of the symptoms, one of the health benefits of zinc might just be a faster recovery time.

5. Diarrhea: Used frequently as a remedy in the developing parts of the world, zinc can be a very useful tool against diarrhea. Not only can supplementation relieve temporary symptoms, studies show that longer term effects indicate that future recurrences might possibly be preventable for up to three months.

6. Gastroenteritis: Inflammation of the pieces parts that make up your digestive system is not uncommon and can be caused by a variety of things such as a bacterium or disease process, however one of the most pronounced health benefits of zinc is its ability to reduce or relieve gastroenteritis due to its antimicrobial mechanisms.

7. Sunburn: Do you know what the name of the white stuff donned by tanned lifeguards everywhere is called? Well, it’s zinc oxide, and it’s been used by sun lovers for decades to help prevent sunburn, an early cause of melanoma.

8. Skin ailments: Topical use of zinc is useful across a wide variety of maladies. For instance, many over the counter diaper rash ointments contain zinc both as a treatment and a preventative. External health benefits of zinc don’t stop there however because it’s also been noted that a deficiency of this mega mineral can lead to acne and therefore it’s not uncommon to find zinc for acne in some over the counter remedies.

9. Anti Dandruff Shampoo: For people suffering from dandruff, zinc can truly be a very useful tool. Popular products for battling the itching, dryness and flakes associated with dandruff typically contain zinc as an active ingredient.

10. Cell Growth and Death: While you can’t see these important health benefits of zinc, the growth and death of your cells is an intricate process that is critical to proper body functioning. The health of your insides and outsides and the constant revolving of new and healthy cells.

Essential to our body processes and vital to growth and development, zinc is an essential mineral that our bodies can’t do without. Consider getting yours from food sources like oysters, red meat, oatmeal and beans and be wary about zinc side effects resulting from toxicity and overuse. When incorporated into a healthy diet, zinc can provide benefits that can keep your body healthy both inside and out.