Top 10 Hemorrhoids Home Remedies

Hemorrhoids Home RemediesThis article will provide you with 10 easy hemorrhoids home remedies that are intended for immediate and long term relief of your hemorrhoids symptoms.

1. Proper anal hygiene should be considered at the top of all hemorrhoids home remedies. Discontinue use of toilet paper as it might be too abrasive for your tender rectal area and might only worsen your symptoms. Use clean water to wash yourself after each bowel movement or use baby wipes if you do not have access to water. Make sure to gently pat your bottom with a soft cloth or towel.

2. Going to the bathroom in a squatting position is one of the greatest hemorrhoids home remedies that lot of people from the third world countries implement up to this day and statistically have shown much less incidents of hemorrhoids. Squatting puts just the right pressure on the intestines and gently forces waste matter out without having to resort to excessive straining.

3. Probiotic supplements along with probiotic-rich foods like naturally fermented yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut will help normalize your good gut bacteria and help establish regular elimination pattern.

4. Flavonoid-rich foods will aid in strengthening blood vessels and help them bounce back to their original state easing your hemorrhoids symptoms. Look for foods that are brightly colored like grapes, blueberries, strawberries, red and green bell peppers, tomatoes and most culinary herbs like parley, dill, basil, oregano and chives.

5. Fiber from a vast variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and dried beans will add bulk to your stools and help move them out of your body faster and smoother. If you want to use a fiber supplement, organic psyllium and organic ground flaxseeds are the best choice for you. Make sure you add more fiber into your diet gradually to avoid excessive bloating and gas.

6. Purified filtered water is essential for creating moist and soft stools that are going to easily pass through your intestines without having to strain too much amplifying your hemorrhoids itching.

7. Elimination of certain foods like alcohol, citrus, coffee and anything too spicy will help control hemorrhoids itching.

8. Exercise is a natural cure for hemorrhoids because it provides stimulation for all organs of our bodies and helps pass stools faster through the system.

9. Sitz bath is one of the simplest but most effective hemorrhoids home remedies that will help relax swollen anal area and relieve your hemorrhoids symptoms.

10. Witch hazel for hemorrhoids or aloe gel can be used interchangeably to immediately soothe inflamed anal tissues and additionally shrink hemorrhoids.

If you try addressing the very underlying causes of hemorrhoids and implement some of the aforementioned hemorrhoids home remedies, the embarrassing and painful problem of bulging rectal veins will cease to exist.

In the case if you see bright red blood during your bowel movements, do not automatically assume it’s just your hemorrhoids, red blood could signal a dangerous condition of colorectal cancer and should be brought up with your doctor for evaluation.