Top 10 Herbal Remedies for Insomnia

Herbal Remedies for InsomniaNatural herbal remedies for insomnia are available in a variety of forms whether it be supplements, tea, an herb spiked bath, or infusion of various natural cures for insomnia. When a professional herbalist assists in treating for a sleeping condition, the reason behind the insomnia is also taken into consideration. For instance, some herbal sleep aids have a dual purpose of easing stomach upset, or indigestion. Some herbal remedies for anxiety will also provide the benefits of insomnia treatment.

The following are 10 herbal remedies for insomnia:

1. PASSION FLOWER is one of the many herbal remedies for insomnia which provides calming properties.

2. VALERIAN ROOT will not only settle indigestion and lower blood pressure, this herbal remedy will also provide a better sleep.

3. HOPS is a sleep inducing herbal remedy which also provides calming effects for anxiety associated tension or headache pain.

4. CHAMOMILE is another herbal remedy for stomach indigestion as well as the anxiety which may sabotage a good night sleep.

5. ST JOHN’S WORT is a pain relieving herbal remedy which will also promote better sleep quality.

6. POPPY is a sleep inducing herbal remedy especially beneficial for menopausal insomnia and over-excitement in children.

7. SKULLCAP provides comfort for insomnia caused by PMS, depression and stress, hysteria, and exhaustion.

8. OAT STRAW will calm nerves, ease depression, manage exhaustion or jet lag, and act like an overall nerve tonic resulting in a better sleep.

9. LEMON BALM will be beneficial to a good night sleep as it will ease digestion problems, lower blood pressure, and calm anxiety as well as stress.

10. YOUNG PINE OR FIR NEEDLE is a mix of herbs to create a sleep inducing herb.