Top 10 High Fiber Vegetables

High Fiber VegetablesEating your vegetables is much less fun and appealing than eating all the naughty goodies from the top triangle of the food pyramid, but there may be much more benefit to eating vegetables high in fiber than you realize. For instance, there are some veggies that have an even greater amount of fibrous goodness than many high fiber fruits, and unlike fruits, which are generally enjoyed uncooked in order to fully benefit from their fiber content, high fiber vegetables are quite nutritious in terms of fiber even after cooking. You may not be too keen on adding all of these high fiber vegetables to your diet, but consider how much better your gastrointestinal tract may perform, or how much better you might feel once all of your systems are functioning properly. Before you totally shun the idea of getting your fiber from greens and root veg, check out this list of the top 10 vegetable sources of high fiber foods list!

1. Cooked Artichoke: One of the most puzzling vegetables both in appearance and preparation, a simple boil and light seasoning is the easiest way to prepare a medium artichoke, which boasts fiber content of 10.3 grams.

2. Cooked Green Peas: A favorite food fight staple of children everywhere, green peas are for more than just head shots. Containing 8.8 grams of fiber per cup, just a small serving of these green morsels can help keep your GI in line!

3. Boiled Broccoli: Usually reserved for a well aged and refine palate, broccoli has often been given a bad rap amongst young’uns, however packing 5.1 grams per cup of fiber mean that any way you top it, broccoli can’t be ignored amongst high fiber vegetables.

4. Boiled Turnip Greens: Still considered a tradition in Southern Cuisine, turnip greens are flavorful and luscious providing an extra oomph to high fiber diets. Consider them, and you will be rewarded with 5 grams of fiber per cooked cup.

5. Cooked Brussels Sprouts: Considered kryptonite for anyone under the age of 20, Brussels sprouts are considered to be the scariest of all the high fiber vegetables. However, when prepared correctly, Brussels sprouts are quite delicious and hugely healthful containing vitamins and nutrients along with 4.1 grams of fiber per cup!

6. Cooked Sweet Corn: The first vegetable many of us ever sampled was corn, and while it commonly is criticized for its nutritional composition, the sweet variety of this familiar produce yields 4 grams of fiber per cooked cup.

7. Skin on Baked Potato: Baked potatoes are low in calories, big in flavor and packed in nutrients. Leaving the skin on makes it one of the tastiest high fiber vegetables you can enjoy. Be careful though and resist the temptation to pile on the butter, sour cream, bacon and cheese! While it won’t negate the 3 grams of fiber you leeched out of the potato, it may give you something in return, like extra pounds!

8. Tomato Paste: The base for any homemade spaghetti sauce, tomato paste is a great way to incorporate a little extra fiber into your diet without really thinking about it! Just ¼ of a cup provides 2.7 grams of fiber, and this miniscule amount is incredibly easy to add to soups, pasta and stews!

9. Raw Carrots: Most of the high fiber vegetables on our list are cooked, but carrots are one exception. Raw carrots contain 1.7 grams of fiber per medium veggie, and are a wonderful snack in between meals. This means that they can not only help you regulate your bowels, but maybe even slim down a little

10. Cooked Spinach: Popeye would be pleased to see you chowing down on a bowl of cooked spinach which will provide loads of nutrients. Spinach is also a powerhouse amongst high fiber vegetables!