Top 10 High Triglycerides Foods to Avoid

Triglycerides Foods to Avoid1. Alcohol – There is a proven relationship between high triglycerides and alcohol consumption. If you have a problem with triglycerides then all alcohol should be removed from your diet completely. All types of alcohol have the same effect on triglycerides. And this includes wines, beers, and liquors.

2. Jams and Jellies – Both jams and jellies make to the top 10 list of triglycerides foods to avoid. Not only do these products contain fruits high in sugar but additional sugar is added during the manufacturing. The end result is laden with sugar and guaranteed to raise your levels considerably.

3. Pastries – Pastries are one of the top triglycerides foods to avoid. Pastries are usually made from hydrogenated fats and large amounts of sugar and other sweeteners, both of which are known to increase blood triglyceride levels.

4. Cookies, Cakes, and Pies – A triglyceride diet plan does not include sweet desserts, such as pies, cakes, and cookies. These foods are highly processed and contain sugar and hydrogenated fat most of the time.

5. Ice Cream – Ice cream is high in both fats and sugars, and should be avoided if you want to lower your triglycerides.

6. Fruit Juices – Fruit juices are one of the top triglycerides foods to avoid. Some fruit juices can be healthy, but most contain high amounts of sugar and sugar syrups which can lead to high triglyceride levels.

7. Potatoes – Potatoes have a lot of starch, and this is why they are excluded from a triglycerides diet. Starchy foods increase the triglycerides in your blood, and should be eliminated in favor of whole grains and colorful vegetables instead.

8. White Breads and Processed Grains – Processed grains and white bread are some common triglycerides foods to avoid if you want to lower these numbers.

9. Bananas – The causes of high triglycerides are sugars and starches, and bananas are one of the fruits which has a lot of starch. Choose berries and other low starch fruits instead.

10. Flavored Yogurts – Flavored yogurts may sound healthy, but these usually have a lot of sugar and other flavorings added. If you want flavored yogurt buy low fat plain yogurt and add your own fresh fruit.