Top 10 HIV Symptoms in Women

HIV Symptoms in WomenHIV symptoms in women may be different from the HIV symptoms in men, and may be mild in the beginning. These symptoms could be commonly mistaken for another condition instead.

Here is the top 10 list of these symptoms:

1. Abnormal Pap Smear Results – Abnormal pap smear results are often one of the first signs of HIV infection notices. The virus causes cell changes in the pelvic area that are picked up by the test.

2. Severe Vaginal Infections That Recur – One of the top HIV symptoms in women is recurrent vaginal infections. These infections occur because of an organism imbalance and lowered immune system in your body.

3. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease – PID is an infection in your pelvis that is extremely difficult to treat and eliminate completely. This infection is often an indication of other medical conditions, including HIV exposure.

4. Frequent Yeast Infections – Yeast infections occur for many reasons, including viral infections. Frequent and severe yeast infections are common HIV symptoms in women.

5. Abnormal Cervical Changes Including Dysplasia – The HIV virus attacks cervical cells, and can cause abnormal cell changes including cervical dysplasia that can eventually lead to cancer if not detected in time.

6. Genital Ulcers and Warts – One of the top HIV symptoms in women is the appearance of genital ulcers, genital warts, or both. These viral infections increase the likelihood that you may have others, including HIV.

7. Mucosal Herpes Infections Which Are Severe – The difference between HIV and AIDS is the ability of your immune system to fight of infections. HIV can lead to severe mucosal herpes infections as your immune system becomes more compromised over time.

8. Vaginal Discharge – One of the most common HIV symptoms in women is a vaginal discharge. This discharge can be clear, cloudy, or colored, and may vary in the amount depending on your specific condition.

9. Mild Flu Like Symptoms – These symptoms can include an HIV rash, fever, chills, body aches, nausea, diarrhea, and other common viral infection symptoms.

10. HIV Antibodies – HIV antibodies are the result of HIV seroconversion. When you are first exposed to the virus your body will make antibodies to fight off HIV infection. When these antibodies are in your blood you are infected with HIV.