Top 10 Home Remedies for Warts

Home Remedies for WartsWarts are unsightly callous-like growths that can appear virtually on any part of a human body. There are multiple types of warts ranging from common to perianal warts depending on their location and appearance. Warts are incredibly hard to get rid of and they tend to come back again and again.

Let’s take a look at top 10 most effective home remedies that will help us wave good buy to ugly formations in no time:

1. Tea tree oil is a triple whammy among all home remedies for wart removal – it’s anti-viral, antimicrobial and anti-fungal. Apply tea tree oil carefully to the affected areas avoiding the surrounding areas, repeat daily. Do not treat oral warts with tea tree oil, since it’s considered toxic if taken internally.

2. Garlic is another nature’s miracle that works in a very similar fashion as tea tree oil. Garlic juice should be squeezed fresh and applied to wart areas daily for a potent wart removal therapy.

3. Apple cider vinegar soak or vinegar application work by killing wart viruses deep in the skin to help remove them.

4. Lemon or any other citrus juice is one of the most powerful home remedies for wart removal.

5. Greater celandine plant is overall a toxic plant due to its high concentration of alkaloids but freshly cut plant’s juice is one of the most miraculous home remedies for wart removal known to people for centuries. Cover the areas surrounding your wart with some vegetable oil to protect the skin and dab a small amount of the celandine plant juice on the tip of the wart.

6. Duct tape is one of the most surprising and at the same time effective home remedies for wart removal. There are multiple theories that explain how duct tape works on removing raised and flat warts. Duct tape is generally applied to your single or mosaic warts area for 4-5 days to allow the skin to get soft. Soak your wart-affected area in warm water, carefully removing any peeling dead skin. Apply any of the acidic home remedies for wart removal like garlic or lemon juice following the treatment. Repeat in a few days, since it takes multiple times to see warts completely gone.

7. Banana peel is especially helpful in treating warts in children since it’s absolutely safe and does not cause any adverse reactions, however it might take several weeks before the wart falls off.

8. Pick a dandelion flower and apply the white milky substance that you see at the end of the flower stem, this should help you get rid of the raised or flat warts in a few applications.

9. Crush an aspirin tablet and mix it in water to form a thick paste, apply to the wart and attach a band-aid over it to keep for a few hours.

10. The last method grows deep in the centuries of folk medicine and sounds almost anecdotal nowadays, however, people suffering from warts or parents struggling with warts in children are ready to use any remedy that might help them get rid of the annoying malady. Cut a raw potato in half and thoroughly rub the wart area with the potato halves. Bury the potato in the garden – the wart will disappear as soon as the potato disintegrates in the soil.

A word of caution deserves mentioning in regard to facial wart removal. It’s not recommended to use any home remedies for wart removal around the delicate facial skin or eye warts since some of the methods, if used incorrectly, can cause scarring or damage.

Do not get discouraged if some home remedies for wart removal do not work for you, keep trying and you will be rewarded by clean and wart-free skin.

If all the methods for wart removal fail, see a professional dermatologist who will recommend freezing warts with a liquid nitrogen solution applied topically that will form a blister; your wart will eventually fall off following a few treatments.