Top 10 Horse Chestnut Benefits

Horse Chestnut Benefits1. Improve Vein Health and Flexibility- One of the top horse chestnut benefits concerns vein health and flexibility. This herbal remedy is often used for chronic venous insufficiency and other conditions caused by poor vein health and flexibility.

2. Treat Varicose Veins- This herb is commonly used to treat painful varicose veins in the legs, and any associated symptoms caused by the varicose veins.

3. Provide Hemorrhoid Relief- Horse chestnut is a common home remedy for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Usually the herb is used in astringent form to minimize and soothe any hemorrhoids that are present.

4. Prevent Inflammation- One of the top horse chestnut benefits is that this herb can prevent, minimize, and eliminate inflammation in the body.

5. Improve Fertility- Some experts advise this herbal remedy for cases of infertility due to a few specific causes. The possible horse chestnut side effects can be serious or even life threatening though, so this herb should be used with caution.

6. Neuron Protection- In some situations horse chestnut can provide protection for the neurons in the body. This herb should only be used under medical supervision for this purpose, to ensure the safety of the treatment.

7. Improve Circulation- The horse chestnut benefits include an increase in the circulation of blood through the body.

8. Stop Diarrhea- Horse chestnut seed extract is used by some individuals as a home remedy to stop diarrhea and watery stools. There have not been enough scientific studies done to verify this benefit yet though.

9. Cancer Fighting Properties- Fighting cancer cells and tumors is one of the top horse chestnut benefits. This herb has been shown to help kill off cancer cells and shrink tumors in some cases, but further studies need to be performed to ensure the safety and effectiveness of this treatment.

10. Minimizes Leg Cramping- Horse chestnut cream has shown some effectiveness when used to treat leg cramps caused by poor circulation and a lack of vein elasticity.