Top 10 Horsetail Extract Benefits

Horsetail Extract BenefitsHorsetail is a unique plant with its history going back to the line of plants that date back to prehistoric times. Well known physician from the Roman times Galen recommended horsetail herb as the best remedy for bleeding conditions, lung disorders, kidney and bladder diseases.

Let’s take a look what conditions horsetails extract benefits the most according to modern day medicine.

1. One of the most important horsetail extract benefits is its strong diuretic function. It’s been proven in clinical studies to increase body’s urine production up to 30%.

2. Horsetail herb is a strong astringent and therefore is used to heal wounds, bleeding gums, sore throat, mouth sores and applied as poultice to sprains or bruises.

3. Horsetail extract benefits some of the most common female maladies like heavy menstrual flow, cramping and irregular menstrual cycle.

4. Weight loss is one of many benefits for our bodies to be gained from taking horsetail extract. Horsetail is a fantastic diuretic and additionally helps cleanse body from massive toxic accumulations including lead.

5. Horsetail extract benefits improved lipid exchange and prevents bad cholesterol (LDL) from being deposited on artery walls that in turn leads to high cholesterol problem and heart disease.

6. Horsetail extract for hair growth has been widely discussed in recent years. Important compound found in horsetail plant called silica is proven to promote new hair growth by strengthening hair follicles and increasing blood circulation in your scalp area. To get the most horsetail extract for hair growth benefits for you, apply horsetail tonic to your hair and scalp every time your wash your hair. To make hair tonic, mix 1 teaspoon of horsetail herb powder in a cup of water.

7. Osteoporosis is one among many diseases that horsetail extract benefits. Horsetail herb extract helps body retain calcium more efficiently due to a silica compound and can even help repair bones and cartilage. This is certainly essential for managing joint degeneration conditions or hard to heal bone fractures.

8. Eye inflammation like pink eye or uveitis conditions can be greatly helped by taking horsetail extract internally and applying warm compresses to the affected eye to soothe dry irritated sensations.

9. Urinary tract infections respond really well to regular treatments with horsetail extract due to high potency antibacterial properties of this herb.

10. Horsetail extract possesses strong anti-parasite qualities and could be used as a supplemental rinse for fleas, lice and mites treatment.

We feel we have to make note about horsetail extract side effects which can include the following if taken in large quantities: indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, severe electrolyte loss due to strong diuretic properties and muscle weakness.