Top 10 Interesting Facts about Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic RhinoplastyRhinoplasty cosmetic surgery is the procedure for changing the appearance of nasal characteristics. Ethnic rhinoplasty provides the same surgery specializing in various types of ethnicity while retaining their heritage. Ethnic Rhinoplasty involves a specialized approach compared to those receiving rhinoplasty surgery which is of a non-ethnic nature. Whether the surgical procedure is a Korean rhinoplasty or African American nose jobs, the expertise of a surgeon specializing in this area of cosmetic surgery is needed due to the uniqueness of the specialized rhinoplasty.

The following are 10 interesting facts about ethnic rhinoplasty:

1. Much of the ethnic rhinoplasty involves the streamlining of the nasal tip which is otherwise pudgier. The thickness is defatted without presenting a pointy appearance.

2. The nose is transposed harmoniously to the other facial features when rhinoplasty is performed on a patient of an ethnic heritage.

3. An asian nose job is often performed due to the characteristic of having a round, bulb-like nasal tip with wider nostrils which flare.

4. With ethnic rhinoplasty, the contouring of the cartilage and bone to a new shape is performed without visible proof of the surgery such as scars.

5. A rhinoplasty surgeon will suggest that smokers stop smoking before surgery due to the possible interference of smoke with the healing process.

6. Computer imaging is sometimes used by surgeons. This is a way to visualize your appearance after surgery.

7. After surgery, the nose is packed up to 72 hours, making it impossible to breath through the nose.

8. Since skin is thicker on a patient of an ethnic origin, it will take a longer period of time for swelling to diminish.

9. Rhinoplasty for an ethnic patient will cost anywhere from $3000 up to $8000.

10. Choose a surgeon with experience and specializing in rhinoplasty of ethnic patients, whether African American, Asian, Korean, or other.