Top 10 Iron Deficiency Symptoms

Iron Deficiency SymptomsWhen one begins to suffer from an iron deficiency, the symptoms are noticeably present until the right treatment is found. Iron deficiency symptoms are presented in a wide range of levels from minor to life-altering. There are various measures which are taken to reverse the symptoms from this condition and the anemia resulting from an iron deficiency. Some will include iron rich foods for anemia in their daily diet. Others may choose to use a natural iron supplement on a daily basis with hopes of easing the iron deficiency symptoms. Of course, a supplement combined with the proper diet will present a better chance of overcoming the deficiency.

There are the 10 common iron deficiency symptoms:

1. The most common of the iron deficiency symptoms is the severe feeling of fatigue.

2. The skin will lose its healthy glow as it begins to present a pale cast. The tongue can become sore or inflamed.

3. Beside the allover weakness that is another highly common symptom of an iron deficiency, an irregular heartbeat, or arrhythmia may be experienced as well.

4. Headaches will begin to creep up more often.

5. With or without activity, shortness of breath may be commonly experienced.

6. If lightheaded or dizzy, one may become suspicious of an iron deficiency being present.

7. When your hands and feet seem to never warm up no matter what, an iron deficiency may be the culprit of such annoying symptoms.

8. Besides brittle nails, iron deficiency and hair loss is another ordinary symptom of an iron deficiency.

9. Irritably from that overall feeling of exhaustion caused by an iron deficiency is common by those suffering from the condition.

10. Of all the iron deficiency symptoms, the strangest sign is the craving for non-food substances like dirt, solid starch, or ice.

The only way to be sure there is an iron deficiency present is to see a doctor who will initiate the proper examination and tests to confirm the diagnosis before treatment begins.