Top 10 Itchy Ears Causes

Itchy EarsThere are many possible causes of itchy ears. Although the annoyance of itchy ears is not usually found to be serious, the condition is very real no matter the reason for the uncomfortable nuisance. Poking objects like cotton swabs, pencils, and paperclips in the ears to relieve the irritation is a dangerous and non-effective method for relief. The best cure for an itchy ear condition is to determine the cause behind the exasperating symptom.

The following are 10 possible causes of itchy ears:

1. Just as flaky skin will cause itchy dry skin, earwax can become flaky and dry causing itchy ears. A drop of olive oil will soften the dryness.

2. An outer ear infection, sometime referred to as swimmer’s ear infection, is an itchy nuisance. Water gets trapped in the ear simply by taking a shower or swimming in lake water. Antiseptic drops which will provide relief.

3. If there is an inadequate amount of wax in the ear, the result will be the annoying ear itch you cannot seem to get rid of. Putting a drop of olive oil in the ear may be just what is needed to add a bit of lubrication and take away the itch.

4. Excessive ear wax contained in the ear will also result in itchy ears. Either a physician would remove the excess wax, or an ear wax removal home remedy is suggested.

5. Allergies are a common culprit to itchy ears. Taking an antihistamine may relieve such a problem.

6. Itchy ears can develop from a bug flying into the ear canal. Flushing the ear with warm water may put an end to this problem. If not, a doctor should be seen.

7. Overuse of cotton swabs or poking the ear with any other type of object will cause irritation and itching.

8. The use of hearing aids will cause itchy ears if the device is not molded properly to the ear, or if water settles in the ear around the device.

9. Skin condition such as eczema, allergic dermatitis, and psoriasis will not only cause itchy dry skin, the ears can be affected as well. Steroid creams will help this type of problem.

10. There are psychological conditions which will also result in various itching episodes including the ears.