Top 10 Laser Eye Surgery Facts

Laser Eye Surgery FactsMost people know that LASIK surgery is performed to improve vision, but there are plenty of other laser eye surgery facts that you are not aware of. If you are going to have your eyes operated on, you might as well learn everything that there is to know about this subject. Here are ten things about laser eye surgery that cover everything from choosing a doctor to recovery times.

1. High success rates – In the past, doctors avoiding operating directly on the eyes because of the numerous potential risks. Although there are still many laser eye surgery risks to contend with, almost everyone that has LASIK is thrilled with the results.

2. Covered by insurance – There are many elective surgeries that insurance providers will not cover, under any circumstances. Thankfully, LASIK is not one of them. If you have medical coverage with supplementary insurance for visual care, you probably don’t even need to consider LASIK financing.

3. Anesthesia not required – One of the more interesting laser eye surgery facts is that this procedure is so comfortable that most people don’t need general anesthesia. There will be a little pressure when your eyes are operated on, but no pain.

4. Rapid recovery – Although it can take several months before your eye sight is completely restored, there are many patients that have reported an improvement directly after the procedure. If you have been wondering about the biggest benefits of laser eye surgery, look no further.

5. Available for adults and children – Because there aren’t too many LASIK eye surgery side effects, doctors feel more comfortable working with adolescent patients.

6. LASIK is an acronym – Though most people are used to complicated medical terms, LASIK is actually easy to remember. It stands for Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis.

7. LASIK for pets – One of the lesser known laser eye surgery facts is that it is also available to small animals, namely pets.

8. The cost of LASIK is going down – As more doctors become trained to perform LASIK, overall laser eye surgery cost has been reduced.

9. Repeat surgery is possibly – You may not want to think about the possibility of needing LASIK a second time, but it is good to know that the option is available.

10. Improve your vision in minutes – The most popular laser eye surgery facts suggest that even patients don’t know how long the procedure takes. If you work with a good ophthalmologist, you can be in and out of the office in mere minutes.