Top 10 Laser Eye Surgery Los Angeles Locations

Laser Eye Surgery Los AngelesThis detailed list of laser eye surgery Los Angeles locations will help you to save time and effort as every surgeon listed has been fully vetted. Although residents of Los Angeles certainly have plenty of eye surgeons to choose from, it can still be a daunting task to find the best LASIK surgeons.

1. Melamed Eye Care – This laser eye surgery Los Angeles treatment facility is in a safe and upscale neighborhood, but it caters to patients of all walks of life.

2. UCLA Laser Refractive Center – Even if you don’t need to have refractive cataract surgery scheduled, UCLA is well known for its skilled doctors and cutting edge technologies.

3. LA-Sight – Patients come from near and far to be examined under the expert care of the staff at LA-Sight. For the best laser eye surgery Los Angeles services, come here and see why this facility is getting rave reviews.

4. Assil Eye Institute – Not to be confused with the LASIK Eye Institute, ophthalmologists at the Assil Eye Institute are based in downtown Los Angeles.

5. Excel Laser Vision – Run by two of the very best ophthalmologists in the state, Excel Laser Vision is a top laser eye surgery Los Angeles clinic.

6. The Khanna Institute of LASIK – Even people outside of the Los Angeles area have great things to say about this corrective eye surgery facility.

7. Eye Zone Medial – Run by Dr. Linda Vu, all patients at Eye Zone Medical receive the same level of expert care.

8. Dougherty Laser Vision – You will get more than the basics benefits of laser eye surgery when you work with Dougherty Laser Vision. Dr. Dougherty is a well known opthalmologist that works with some of the world’s best doctors to create a true world class experience.

9. Beverly Hills Vision Institute – Just like the name says, you can expect to get the royal treatment at the Beverly Hills Vision Institute.

10. Seibel Vision Surgery – The majority of patients visiting this laser eye surgery Los Angeles facility suffer from cataracts, but elective corrective eye surgery services are also offered.