Top 10 Laser Eye Surgery Risks

Laser Eye Surgery RisksIf you consider getting laser eye surgery done and started searching more information about it, one of the important questions you may have is what are the potential risks associated with laser eye surgery procedure. Yes, nowadays it is a safe and established process and even yours truly (author of this post) has undergone this procedure a few years ago. But to make an educated decision about laser eye surgery read on to learn about potential risks.

Here is the list of top 10 laser eye surgery risks:

1. Overcorrection

One of the laser eye surgery risks is an overcorrection. This is caused by the laser over correcting the shape of the cornea.

2. Undercorrection

Laser eye surgery complications can include an under correction. In this situation the cornea is not corrected enough, and further surgery may be required.

3. Eye Dryness

Dry eye is a common complication of this procedure, regardless of the laser eye surgery price paid or doctor used. Sometimes this can be temporary, and in other cases it may become permanent.

4. Infections

Infections are one of the risks of eye surgeries, but these risks can be minimized. PRK laser eye surgery has fewer chances of infection, and may be the right choice.

5. Double Vision

One of the top 10 laser eye surgery risks is double vision. This can be caused by the corneal shape or scar tissue that may form on or over the cornea.

6. Night Vision Issues

Laser eye surgery risks include a number of night vision problems. These include headlight glare, shadows, and bright lights that may blind you.

7. Vision Loss

Vision loss is one of the rarest laser eye surgery risks that can occur. Your vision loss may be partial or complete, and may or may not respond to corrective lenses or further procedures.

8. Halos and Starbursts

Halos, starbursts, and other light effects can become a problem after you have had laser surgery on your eyes. This can also include severe light sensitivity to even low lighting in extreme cases.

9. Flap Complications

Flap complications can be a common risk with some laser eye surgery methods. Reading through laser eye surgery reviews can help you find an excellent provider and lower these risks even further.

10. Irritation

Irritation is the most common laser eye surgery risks, and this can range from mild to severe. Over the counter pain medicines may help, and the doctor can give you a prescription if needed and warranted for something stronger. Rest and any prescribed eye drops can also help eliminate any irritation.

Despite the described laser eye surgery risks, nowadays LASIK procedure is at its best. It is one of the best investments in your life that you can make.