Top 10 Lavender Health Benefits

Lavender Health BenefitsNo matter how you choose to take it, you will receive lavender health benefits. As this herb works to improve the way that you think, feel and heal, lavender can easily replace an entire medicine cabinet of over the counter drugs. Below are the 10 most noticeable lavender health benefits that users experience.

1. Headache relief – Lavender aromatherapy is popular with consumers because of its gentle fragrance, but this herb also has other qualities. Simply smell a few drops of oil can cause a temple throbbing headache to stop immediately.

2. Constipation and other digestive issues – If you haven’t been able to go to the bathroom normally, you should know that lavender oil uses include digestive system relief.

3. Circulation – Lavender tea benefits numb limbs and poor circulation, improving overall blood flow.

4. Immune system health – You will get fewer colds and be less likely to develop the flu when you rely on lavender. Lavender health benefits revolving around the immune system have been known for the last few hundred years.

5. Sleep and insomnia – Drinking a cup of tea to go to sleep is routinely recommended by doctors. If you cannot sleep, wake up during the night or have a case of insomnia, know that lavender health benefits also include more stable sleeping patterns.

6. Pain and swelling – Red, swollen or irritated skin can be soothed with this herb. Use it topically or drink the tea in order to get lavender oil benefits.

7. Bladder health – People that have a hard time passing urine, are prone to developing bladder infections or suffer from incontinence may want to drink this tea.

8. Oral health – Everything from bad breath and tooth decay and toothaches can be alleviated with the use of lavender.

9. Respiratory issues – Asthma, colds and congestion can be cleared up with lavender herbs. If you lose your voice or your throat feels raw, the oil and the tea both work to provide users with instantaneously relief.

10. Sunburn – Believe it or not, but applying the oil of lavender to sun burnt skin will soothe it and stop burning sensations.