Top 10 Leading Causes of Constipation

Causes of ConstipationNobody likes to spend any more time than they need to in the bathroom, but for people stuck pondering the causes of constipation while they’re bonding with the loo, it may be an unavoidable fate. Many things that people do during the day can lead to a backed up chute, but there are well known and even surprising common causes of constipation. So, if you’re wondering just why you can’t seem to make anything happen when you sit upon the toilet, you may want to check out this list of the top 10 causes of constipation to see if you might be overlooking a source. There may very well be an underlying root to your problem, meaning that finding a way to cure constipation is in your future.

1. Constipating Foods: Likely the most common cause of a fecal back up is a diet rich in colon cloggers. Lots of dairy products like milk and cheese are common offenders, and you may find that a diet for constipation that limits these types of foods is all you need to unclog the log.

2. Dehydration: You may not associate your beverage intake with what’s coming out your backside, but not enough fluids or worse, dehydration, can lead to severe constipation. Drink your water and stay hydrated for healthy and regular bowel movements.

3. Lack of fiber: It’s not a coincidence that many products designed for relief for constipation contain various forms of fiber – it’s because it’s essential to being regular. Get it from foods like whole grains and veggies, it’s much tastier than the alternatives!

4. Lack of exercise: you may be surprised to learn that too much time in front of the TV can be affecting your bowel routine, but a lack of physical activity can be one of the causes of constipation. Go for a walk after dinner or throw a Frisbee in the yard to keep your digestive tract moving. If you aren’t moving how can you expect your insides to?

5. Stress: Feeling frustrated and irritable? Well, your colon has feelings too and it shares in your anguish. Since a therapist isn’t an option for your gastrointestinal tract, show it some love by keeping calm and practicing meditation or relaxation to see if you can alleviate the back up.

6. Laxative abuse: Many people are surprised to learn that laxatives can actually be one of the causes of constipation, and it genuinely is a confusing concept. However, teaching your bowels to rely on a laxative for their daily functioning simply isn’t teaching them a very good lesson, and they can quickly become dependent on those over the counter remedies.

7. Antacids: If you find yourself frequently making bad dinner decisions and consistently reaching for the antacids to counter the chicken wings that you washed down with beer, bear in mind that you could be creating another digestive nightmare.

8. Depression: Your colon gets stressed when you do and it also feels your sadness. If you are experiencing the debilitating effects of depression, they may be affecting you physically as well. Consider treatment for your condition and talk to your doctor about medications that might be exacerbating your bowel problems.

9. Pregnancy: Well if there is one item on the list of causes of constipation that you simply cannot do anything about, its pregnancy. You simply are pregnant, and sometimes you just can’t pass stool. Perhaps the baby is practicing the Riverdance on your colon, or, your pregnancy cravings have created a beaver dam in your intestines. Either way, consider exercise, drinking more water and natural remedies for constipation to see if you can alleviate your blocked bowels.

10. IBS: Irritable bowel syndrome is purportedly one of the most frequent reasons for missed work in the United States. It can create tummy aches, nausea and a lack of bowel too. If you are finding that constipation is a frequent issue for you, and you have evaluated your diet and other potential lifestyle sources for a clogged up colon, consider talking to your doctor about this very common condition.