Top 10 List of Speech and Language Impairments

Speech and Language ImpairmentsIf you or your loved ones suffer from one of the cases of speech and language pathology, it is a painful experience. To understand what could be a cause of it and what are the symptoms because there are many types of speech and language impairments and sometimes it is difficult to tell one from another. Here we came up with list of top 10 most common speech and language impairments:

1. Hyperlexia

This is one of the speech and language impairments that can profoundly affect learning. If you have this disorder you can read very well, but may have difficulty using language verbally and holding conversations.

2. Dyslexia

Dyslexia is another impairment that is often seen in schools. A speech pathologist can help if you have this condition by retraining your brain in how words and sentences are viewed.

3. Verbal Apraxia

Apraxia can include facial movements and body twitches during speech. This is one of the speech and language impairments that can be very visible and noticeable at times.

4. Stuttering

Stuttering is a fluency disorder. With this condition your speech and phonetics repeat frequently, even though what you want to say is clear in your head.

5. Cluttering

This is one of the speech and language impairments that affect the way you speak and think. You may stop in the middle of conversation, and have trouble following a clear line of thought concerning speech.

6. Stammering

Speech and language impairments include stammering. This is similar to stuttering but usually not as severe. Therapy can help with this condition.

7. Speech and Language Delays

A language delay, or one in speech, can be caused by many things, and may not be serious. If your child is not developing right see the doctor as soon as you have concerns.

8. Auditory Processing Disorder

One of the common speech and language impairments is auditory processing disorder. The way that you hear and interpret sounds and speech is altered.

9. Phonological Disorder

A phonological disorder can be treated and improved with a speech and language therapist. This condition causes speech sound difficulties.

10. Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Speech disorders in children can be caused by a pervasive developmental disorder. These conditions include autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and many others. This condition can range from mild to extremely severe, and may or may not be completely treatable.