Top 10 Liver Cancer Signs And Symptoms

Liver Cancer Signs And SymptomsIn its early stages, liver cancer signs and symptoms are not manifest. When the cancer grows, there are symptoms. Here are the top 10 liver cancer signs and symptoms:

1. Bloated or swollen abdomen

2. Heavy feeling or lump in the upper abdomen

3. Feeling full or losing appetite

4. Upper right side pain

5. Loss of weight

6. Vomiting and nausea

7. Extreme fatigue or weakness

8. Skin and eyes taking on a yellow appearance

9. Urine that is dark

10. Stools that are light or pale

A person with liver cancer will have some combination of these liver cancer signs and symptoms, but may not have all of them. It is important to note that other diseases and conditions can mimic liver cancer signs and symptoms. Cancer can start in the liver. About 21,000 Americans are diagnosed with primary liver cancer each year. Cancer in another part of the body can metastize or spread resulting in secondary liver cancer.

If you are diagnosed with this disease, you will want to arm yourself with liver cancer facts so that you can be an active and informed partner in your treatment and care. Liver cancer has a variety of treatment options. Each has risks and benefits. Liver cancer treatment options include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy, embolization (cutting off the blood supply to the cancer), ablation, liver transplant or surgery.

Your doctor or nutritionist can guide you in choosing the proper liver cancer diet. You will want to have the right amount and kinds of foods to help you have the most energy. Since treatment can leave you tired or nauseous, you might not want to eat. Both the disease and the treatment can result in digestion problems. Rely on your health professional for guidance in making the best choices possible.