Top 10 Low Carb Diets that Work Myths

Low Carb Diets that WorkAdvertisements about low crab diets that work can be found in any health magazine, nutrition store and almost everywhere on the Internet. Let’s figure out where is the truth and where are some myths associated with low carb diets, including pros and cons on being on them:

1. Fast food and obesity in America has become a big issue, so fast foods are banned. Most fast food restaurant meals are loaded with carbs, but there are some healthy choices you can make instead, yes, including very healthy hamburgers.

2. Low carb diets that work must have as few carbs as possible to be effective. This myth is false, and dangerous as well. Diets that restrict carbs too severely can have detrimental health effects.

3. A common problem with these diets are the high protein diet side effects that may occur. Short term dieting this way can benefit you, but over the long term they can cause severe side effects.

4. Low carb diets that work treat all carbohydrates the same. There is a difference between simple and complex carbs, and many new diets take this into consideration for more balanced nutrition.

5. Ketosis is always dangerous. This myth has been proven to be false by medical and scientific studies. At times ketosis can be beneficial, and improve weight loss, if the condition is only for a short time.

6. A high protein low carb diet is too restrictive. New diet eating plans offer a variety of foods to choose from, so your choices are not severely limited and mealtime is not dreaded.

7. There are NO low carb diets that work. This myth is not true, and there are a number of successful diet plans that are not dangerous for short term use and will speed up your fat burning.

8. Low carb diets that work all use the same carbohydrate amounts. This is false, and these diets will differ depending on the author and the weight loss goals of the plan.

9. Fruits and vegetables are not allowed in low carb high protein diets. This is not true, and many of the newer versions encourage salads, fruits, and vegetables every day.

10. Food is bland in low carb diets that work, and has little taste or flavor. This does not have to be the case, and you can add spices and flavorings without adding carbohydrates to your meals.