Top 10 Methods for Prolapsed Hemorrhoid Treatment

Prolapsed HemorrhoidProlapsed hemorrhoid is an internal enlarged anal vein that protrudes through the anal opening due to its large size. Prolapsed hemorrhoids are especially painful and bothersome for the patients that cause them to seek radical treatment.

1. The most common treatment for prolapsed hemorrhoid is done with the help of your doctor who will manually push it back in. You will be also advised to use fiber supplements and drink lots of water to create looser stools in order to not damage your rectal tissues further.

2. Witch hazel for hemorrhoids is another great option you can try at home to help shrink your prolapsed hemorrhoid with the help of tannins that witch hazel contains in large quantities.

3. Rectal suppositories are another good method to treat swollen hemorrhoid masses that visibly protrude from the anal opening.

4. Rubber band ligation< is a more invasive procedure for especially large prolapsed hemorrhoids that are treated with special rubber bands applied around hemorrhoids for the purpose to cut off blood supply. Over the course of 5-7 days prolapsed hemorrhoids shrink and fall off.

5. Sclerotherapy for prolapsed hemorrhoids is performed by injecting phenol inside a rectal vein which causes the walls of the veins to stick together eventually neutralizing the hemorrhoid.

6. In case of bleeding piles, you doctor might immediately recommend you undergo a cauterization procedure. During this procedure, you doctor will use a hot metal instrument to seal the opening of a bleeding hemorrhoid to speed up healing.

7. Cryosurgery for prolapsed hemorrhoid might also be used that utilized very low temperatures to freeze-burn bleeding hemorrhoids and help heal tender areas.

8. Hemorrhoid laser surgery is an innovative approach to treat prolapsed hemorrhoids that uses precise application of a laser light to vaporize a hemorrhoid.

9. >Stapled method of prolapsed hemorrhoid excision is based on stapling anal veins into their original position and removing a part of the protruding rectal tissue.

10. Hemorrhoidectomy is the most radical approach to treating stubborn and advanced hemorrhoids that are basically cut out and tissues sutures back together. This method is associated with extremely painful and lengthy recovery and therefore recommended only as a last resort.

Keep in mind that even surgery will only bring you temporary relief if you do not make lifestyle and dietary adjustments that had brought your hemorrhoids symptoms in the first place.