Top 10 Methods of Dealing With Panic Attacks

Dealing With Panic AttacksDealing with panic attacks could be a frightening experience that sends you over the edge. Learning the basic techniques will help you cope with them better and eventually stop them for good.

1. Breathing in a paper bag is the most effective and simple method to help you regain yourself. When you are dealing with a panic attack episode, you tend to breathe so fast that your brain gets too much oxygen leading to dizziness; the paper bag technique helps you rid yourself of excessive oxygen to neutralize your symptoms.

2. Change the scenery, move to a different room or go outside. If you are in the car driving, try to focus on the colors and textures surrounding you. Take your mind off your fears and concentrate on something trivial like looking at the car in front of you, noting each and every detail of it, or turn on your favorite relaxing CD.

3. Try not to anticipate your future panic attacks and fear them. By avoiding certain places or events that triggered your attacks in the first place you are only driving the problem deeper and making it harder to treat it.

4. If you experience panic attacks while sleeping and wonder what causes night sweats, try to analyze and take care of the current stressful events or situations you are going through during the day.

5. Accepting your panic disorder is a great way of dealing with panic attacks, know that you are going to be just fine, they will soon pass and it’s just a surge of adrenaline.

6. Learn and practice abdominal breathing techniques and relaxation methods to focus one while you begin to experience a panic attack. Begin with lying down and focusing on a slow breathing pattern, on inhaling and exhaling and succumbing yourself to a state of relaxation. Practice utilizing the same breathing method while sitting in your car or walking, so you feel equipped while dealing with panic attacks.

7. Develop your own personal positive affirmation phrases that will help you in dealing with panic attacks when they strike and put your mind at ease.

8. Women are more prone to experiencing panic attacks due to stronger hormonal fluctuations throughout their lives. For some women menopause and panic attacks< come together; talking to your doctor about a possible hormone replacement therapy might bring relief with your panic episodes.

9. Bring inner peace into your life by practicing Yoga, meditation, prayer, all these will help you regain internal balance and help in dealing with panic attacks.

10. The last piece of advice on how to stop panic attacks is not trying to stop them altogether but to learn to accept them as part of you. Letting yourself not be perfect and be more optimistic about your recovery will help you overcome your panic disorder over time.