Top 10 Most Terrifying Drunk Driving Facts

Drunk Driving FactsDrunk driving facts can open your mind and educate you to the dangers of excess alcohol consumption. Here are some terrifying facts:

1. Almost 30 people die because of drunk driving in the US everyday. This accounts to 1 death every 48 minutes.

2. If you are caught driving drunk, you could end up paying $5000 or more for all the fees. This is only for your first offence.

3. Mandatory jail time is one the terrifying drunk driving facts. You could be spending a year in jail for your first offense.

4. It is estimated that approximately one person gets injured every minute from alcohol related crashes in the world. About 40% of all car crashes are drunk driving accidents.

5. Scary drunk driving facts for teens – They are four times more likely to get injured in a car crash than older people and alcohol is the No.1 reason for death among teens.

6. Imagine not being able to see clearly and react properly, even though you know you will be in an accident. One of the alcohol abuse facts is that alcohol is nervous system depressant and affects your vision, judgment, reaction time and coordination.

7. If you are caught driving drunk for the second time, you could say good bye to your driving license for up to 10 years.

8. People under 21 are subjected to zero tolerance law, according to which, if their blood alcohol account is 0.05% (maximum allowed is 0.01% -will still be paying fines among other things), one of the drunk driving penalties includes prosecution in court (not something to have on academic record).

9. If you have prior drunk driving offenses on report, you could be wearing an ankle bracelet that monitors your blood alcohol level and report it to the authorities (24/7).

10. You could be charged with second degree murder if someone else gets hurt because of your drunk driving in some states. This is one of the terrifying drunk driving facts.

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